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  • Swan

    I've already talked to some folks handling these cases about some of the ones I knew of, but these cases were 13 years ago or more. I noticed that some of those towns/congregations weren't on the Silent Lambs list. Is that a list of locations only where there is currently a problem? One of the cases I know of happen 30 years ago and the perv is dead now. Another one is out of prison, but I don't know if he is even attending a congregation any more. One is a member of my extended family, and I believe he is still in good standing. (Yeah, my family shuns me, but still associates with him. Go figure!) His city is the only one listed.


  • misspeaches

    Tammy I think the best thing for you to do is e-mail Bill Bowen [email protected] and he will be able to best advise you...

    How's your families form? Shunning you and welcoming a pedophile. What's wrong with these people?!?!?

  • Swan

    Same old story. He denied it, and there weren't two eyewitnesses to any one incident. So he is in good standing.

    I told the elders I didn't want to be know as a Jehovah's Witness any more.

    So apparantly you can be a pervert, and unless there is that second eyewitness, everything is fine. But if he were to say I don't believe in it any more, then they would shun him.

    Pretty sick, huh?


  • misspeaches

    Tammy it is sick. Shame on that body of elders and your family for treating him as if nothing has happened. How many more people are going to be hurt by him??? That's disgusting.

    Is it any wonder that we want to have no part of this corrupt religon?

  • notperfectyet

    Checjk your spelling GBUBY.......

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    NPY whaddya want? Bouquet of flowers? Trumpet fanfare? full page 'thank-you' ad in a national paper?


    Oh yeh, and the list goes on.....................should i tell them about the pedo here?

  • sf

    Not a full page ad, yet at least an acknowledgment that the money was indeed received so that we at least know it got there.

    I too sent money to the silentlambs foundation yet still do not know if it was ever actually received. For all I know, it never got there and was lost in the mail.

    A return letter stating that it was received is all I would have expected. Nothing else. I am not even looking for a thank you, as I do not believe thanks is/ was nescessary.


  • misspeaches

    Yes Bliss I think you should tell them!!!

    Um I wasn't asking people to contribute financially to Silent Lambs just send them valuable information.

  • Swan
    Shame on that body of elders and your family for treating him as if nothing has happened.

    All but one Miss Peaches. One elder was bothered by this case, the 2 witness rule, and the response by the WTBTS legal dept. His conscience and his research enabled him and his immediate family to escape the JWs several years later. I am so happy for them.

    Sometimes dark clouds do have silver linings.


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