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  • misspeaches

    Hi Guys

    You may or may not be aware that Silent lambs has a page displaying congregations and cities in the USA that have pedofiles in them. Currently there are no such lists for other places. However if we know of any and give them the information they will put it on their page.

    This is the link to the page where the information is kept:

    If you know of anyone please email them to

    [email protected]

    Thanks, Miss Peaches

  • misspeaches
  • orbison11

    thanks miss p

    a few days ago i had emailed sl about that very issue, and they said they were open to any from a location other than usa to offer the information and they would compile new locations.


  • misspeaches

    Thanks Orbi! Actually I think I read a post from you about that site existing which prompted me to email them and I got a similar response from Bill.

    Aussies, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, anywhere and everywhere... This is a valuable resource and if we can add to it you never know how much that could save an innocent young persons life!

  • damselfly

    This is a great site, it would be could to expand it in any way that we could.

    Misspeaches you're such a thoughtful bunny.


  • notperfectyet

    I sent money over a year ago,

    No response.

    Fuck You..

  • gumby

    Jeez Beth...settle down girly. Why didn't you contact them and ask them why?

    *wonders if my buddy went psyco-ass on me*


  • wanda

    The service is excellent, and I hope others provide more information. Bill knows some of the congregations in other lands but not nearly so many as in the United States. When people post against and use profanities what are we to make of them except that there's a good chance they work for the Watchtower or are proWatchtower and don't want efforts like this to pick up steam. May it do so and all the more.

  • notperfectyet


    because I have a life, I wont' be calling anything or anyone ever again. I do my own research.

    BTW...what is your number again?

  • gumby

    Check your PM NTP


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