Cleaning the Kingdom Hall

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  • MinisterAmos

    Never had a problem cleaning until I was moved from my local hall to one an hour away. Would have been able to deal with that except gas had just gone to $3.00 per gallon and worst of all because of all the hurricanes that had blown through here there was often an hour wait to fill up.

    The PO (who lives behind the Kingdom Hall) basically told me "Too bad, we all have to make sacrifices to show our obedience to the FDS." Really annoyed me because I had often heard of the pressures put on brothers to uproot their families to move to BugTussle to open a congo, but this happened to me over a territorial dispute. I got stuck with the fanatics and the Dub across the street gets to keep going to a Hall 7 minutes away from the house.

    I stopped going over this stupidity and found this site since.

  • Cognitive_Dissident

    I liked vaccuuming the stage when I was a kid, because someone always told us to get off it if we were on the stage after meeting any other time. It felt like I was breaking a rule and getting away with it. I remember pretending like I was singing *gasp* non-kingdom songs in to the mic once or twice, too. That didn't go over so well.


  • deneranys

    When I was really little they gave me the job of counting the chairs. I thought it was fun.

    My mother was "disabled" so she really didn't do much cleaning, and I didn't have to by extension. But when I got married and moved out on my own, I tried to do my share. I would always empty the garbages and refill the paper towels and TP in the bathroom.

    At the assemblies I would volunteer to clean the bathrooms during the session. It was always crazy. There was always several psychoWitness women who would practically push you aside while they cleaned "the right way." I usually ended up plunging the toilets.

  • James Free
    James Free
    Sounded like he was talking to a bunch of 4 yr. olds.

    That's the way it is now. Even the literature is the same.

  • Gregor

    We rotated the chore by bookstudy group. When I was very small I liked to go up on the platform and look out on the chairs to get a different perspective from my usual position. My least fave was when it was time to pull weeds and wash windows.

  • luna2

    I always tried to stay for KH cleaning duty when it was our turn but it always seemed like there weren't enough supplies/jobs to go around. There was always at least one couple in every bookstudy group who cleaned for a living and were, therefore, the experts in charge of everything and you had to wait for them to organize the group. It got so that I felt silly standing around waiting for somebody to assign me some stupid chore, like dusting doorknobs, and hand me a couple of scratchy C-fold towels to do it with.

  • Lapuce

    I always found an excuse or something else to do, I hated the cleaning, I do enough of it at home.


  • Hecklerboy

    My usual job was straightening the chairs after they vacuumed the main hall. Never really mined because I always worked with a really cute girl that was a great friend of mine.

    The best part was we had a very cool MS that let us play "worldly" music over the sound system. He always made going to the meeting fun for the teenagers. He would come back and sit with me when I was running the sound. He would crack jokes and laugh it up. He always said we are supposed to be happy people so why not be happy and laugh while we were at the meeting. What a great "yet misguided" guy.

  • snarf

    I did the cleaning one time. I was cleaning with a sister who had cleaned numerous times, so she knew exactly how to clean. I was (hurt) when she took it upon herself to make sure she checked everything I did to make sure it was "cleaned right". She was so critical of everything, but the funny thing is, my house was always cleaner than

  • Dismembered

    I found cleaning the hall extremely frustrating. The reason being that, in my attempt "to set a fine example", I'd see the same overweight "elders" wives sit on their hands 'til they swelled up, and be quite content to watch everyone else do the work. Oh how I miss those watchtower hens.


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