My sister the robot

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  • beautifulisfree
    It's a very long and actually not so complicated story. The elders and parents never went to the police with it...since it is against WTS policy. The girls dad was/is a very strict man and elder and made the girl only tell part of the story to the elders so that his story and her story matched. So, nothing was done to him except to say sorry. He got to move on with his life and even remain an elder (and perhaps find another victim?) She wasn't so lucky .......Today she is still shunned by her family and witnesses for not being able to put up with the crap of the WTS and leaving. And although I don't want to say any more details she has not had a good life.
  • MinisterAmos

    This is the same group that is eagerly awaiting the death of over 6 1/2 BILLION PEOPLE !!!!!!! Some are even going so far as to use field service to pick out their "New System" houses.

    So if they are not concerned about the fiery, violent deaths of 99.9% of the world's population including LOTS of innocent small people, why the Fark should they even blink at an Elder raping a little girl or boy from time to time? Some will of course but others not so much.

    It's a doomsday cult and nothing more.

  • aiella

    They make peoples hearts into stone and their brains in to mush.

    Sad, but that's the truth about the "troof"

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