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  • beautifulisfree

    Yep- My favorite sister when I was growing up is still one of them. Even though all of her family has found out the truth. We all have tried our best to help her see it's not the truth...but,she brushes EVERYTHING off and says oh well. She even may come up with a parrot reply from the org. So, the other day I heard for the first time in my life that our best friend in the whole world 'elder' dad was accused of molestation to a young girl in the cong. I was floored and SHOCKED considering we spent a heck of alot of our youth and teenage years and her house with her dad present. I was sick that the cong covered it over and that he is still an elder today. So, I decided to call my sister and tell her and kinda go into about how the org does this to alot of cases. Of course she had the 'ya right' in her voice. So, I told her I could verify the story since our own dad was one of the elders that talked to the girl. I told her that this happens all the time yada yadda and she said well is this the policy that the society has?? (yes) Then she said well I 've never seen it written. And I am sure that it's just 'bible studies' that are doing this molesting. Oh my word I kinda lost it...and asked her where her heart was for these children. Anyway the moral of my story is I am so fed up with the org and their mind control tatics. They make peoples hearts into stone and their brains in to mush. And I am truly sorry to anyones story that I refused to believe when I was a witness. And I hope that your life is blessed now and that you have come to know the real truth and have been able to move on with your life.

  • daystar

    It's horrible. The mind will refuse to believe something sometimes in the face of all reason. Your sister is afraid.

  • Bstndance

    I've heard that line, "it's probably just bible studies doing it" as a way to blame "the world" for their problems.

  • damselfly

    Every time something came out about a JW doing something wrong (child abuse, thieving, wife abuse, etc ) I was told that they weren't a "real" JW because a "real" Jw wouldn't do that.

    It's way to protect themselves mentally from thinking they might not have "the truth" PLus they are constantly told in publications and from the stage that jehovah's people are beyond reproach etc. They believe it and will defend this until their last breath.


  • schne_belly

    Hi Beautiful....

    I agree about being fed up with the brainwashing..... you just want to pull your hair out!

    I think it's gotten to the point that our sister immediatly puts up a brick wall whenever we bring up something or someBODY from the religion. In the past I'm sure she would have been openly shocked and repulsed, like we were, of this news. Now that we are on the other side, she defends anyone up and down regardless of who they are or what they did. We are the enemies now. There is no way of changing that, but time ( hopefully.)

    Don't worry, she'll come around eventually!



  • Virgochik

    They like to explain, "Well, there are always a few bad apples, but Jehover will weed them out!" Then they stagger off with the deer in the headlights look, and forget all about it.

  • Mary

    I read an interesting article on why it's so hard for people with certain beliefs to ignore anything that contradicts what they already believe....

    "Biology and Survival Our brain's primary purpose is to keep us alive. It certainly does more than that, but survival is always its fundamental purpose and always comes first. If we are injured to the point where our bodies only have enough energy to support consciousness or a heartbeat but not both, the brain has no problem choosing-it puts us into a coma (survival before consciousness), rather than an alert death-spiral (consciousness before survival). Because every brain activity serves a fundamental survival purpose, the only way to accurately understand any brain function is to examine its value as a tool for survival.

    One of the brain's primary tools for ensuring survival is our senses. Obviously, we must be able to accurately perceive danger in order to take action designed to keep us safe. Senses alone, however, are inadequate as effective detectors of danger because they are severely limited in both range and scope....

    Because senses and beliefs are both tools for survival and have evolved to augment one another, our brain considers them to be separate but equally important purveyors of survival information. The loss of either one endangers us.........beliefs are designed to operate independent of sensory data. In fact, the whole survival value of beliefs is based on their ability to persist in the face of contradictory evidence. Beliefs are not supposed to change easily or simply in response to disconfirming evidence. If they did, they would be virtually useless as tools for survival. Our caveman would not last long if his belief in potential dangers in the jungle evaporated every time his sensory information told him there was no immediate threat. A police officer unable to believe in the possibility of a killer lurking behind a harmless appearance could easily get hurt or killed.

    As far as our brain is concerned, there is absolutely no need for data and belief to agree. They have each evolved to augment and supplement one another by contacting different sections of the world. They are designed to be able to disagree.

    When data and belief come into conflict, the brain does not automatically give preference to data. This is why beliefs-even bad beliefs, irrational beliefs, silly beliefs, or crazy beliefs-often don't die in the face of contradictory evidence. The brain doesn't care whether or not the belief matches the data. It cares whether the belief is helpful for survival. Period. So while the scientific, rational part of our brains may think that data should supercede contradictory beliefs, on a more fundamental level of importance our brain has no such bias. It is extremely reticent to jettison its beliefs. Like an old soldier with an old gun who does not quite trust that the war is really over, the brain often refuses to surrender its weapon even though the data say it should.
    Even beliefs that do not seem clearly or directly connected to survival are still closely connected. This is because beliefs are related to one another in a tightly interlocking system that creates the brain's fundamental view of the nature of the world. It is this system that the brain relies on in order to experience consistency, control, cohesion, and safety in the world. It must maintain this system intact in order to feel that survival is being successfully accomplished. This means that even seemingly small, inconsequential beliefs can be as integral to the brain's experience of survival as are beliefs that are "obviously" connected to survival. Thus, trying to change any belief, no matter how small or silly it may seem, can produce ripple effects through the entire system and ultimately threaten the brain's experience of survival. This is why people are so often driven to defend even seemingly small or tangential beliefs"
  • greendawn

    They invested too much in this organistation and it is too painful for them to accept that it is not the truth, the God chosen religion with god chosen elite leaders. Also because their hopes of a soon to come paradise will be dashed.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    So, the other day I heard for the first time in my life that our best friend in the whole world 'elder' dad was accused of molestation to a young girl in the cong.

    accused,but was he found out and properly convicted?

  • MerryMagdalene

    So frustrating! In a complaint-against-the-org sense, it's not about who is doing it, it's about who is protecting the ones who are doing it instead of protecting the childrenThey are always missing the point.


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