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  • stillAwitness

    What is an IP address!!


  • daystar

    An IP address is a series of numbers that identifies your specific computer so that other computers (web site servers, etc.) can route data to it (web pages, etc.)

    There are various different ways to mask it. However, in this case, it's not likely that the WBTS is going to go through the trouble of contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) since your ISP is not likely to give out your personal information just because someone calls them and asks for it.

    Also, if your IP is not the same thing all of the time (it can be dynamic), the ISP has less of an incentive to track it down. Typically, the only time they might do this is if you're suspected of illegal activity so as to hand the info over to authorities, which the WBTS is not.

  • Lord-Quad

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the wonderful welcome and nice comments! You're all great! I am not worried at the least about the mighty Org finding my site. I mentioned it, because some are. And since watchtower has their own servers, they keep track of their visitors. This is how they found one site in particular and shut it down, is why I mentioned it!

    I appreciate the great support you've all shown, but its you who makes the org looks sick (thats a compliment).


    A message to the Watchtower Society in Bart Simpsons words: "Eat my shorts"!

  • gumby

    What happens is this....they get your home address of your IP, then they delegate 3 really big husky bastards from bethel and hop on their lear jet and fly to the nearest airport from your home, then they rent a helicopter, fly to your address, and park the thing in your yard, then they bust down your door and come in your house and beat the livin daylights outta ya and call you an apostate witness hatin bastard!

    Don't would they explain it to you if they DID catch you as to how they found out? This would start a whole new legal war they don't need, plus they haven't the time to track down all JWD dissenting posters. Plus they know ol' Gumby will throw poop on them if they mess with us


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