What is Love?

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  • Soapydish

    I've become confused w/love in these past two years. My wife says she's polyamorous. That opened my eyes to a whole way of seeing things. I was surprised of all the people that are afraid of even the word "love". I've been more open and honest about it to other people. Some people reject the idea of polyamory and some accept it. Others embrace it. I've let my wife make her own world. It's been a roallercoaster of emotions. But most of all, I've broken some barriers, and christian traditions in my own person. I never new how embedded they were in me. Is this mind conditioning? Is monogamy just a way to keep rules set and order in life? I've found myself just opening up and talking to other women and really loving who they are as a person. I can't really say that one is more special than the other. I've even said "I love u" to people that I never thought I would before. My mother in law says that it's not natural and that we're going to hurt each other. What is natural anyway?

  • Shazard

    wait for several years, when THE seed will grow :) then you will find deep idea behind monogamy!

  • rimbaudbunuel

    Love is having somebody pay for you to do what you want and in return you sleep with them.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Sorry, mate. Dunno what polyamorous is.

    It's not what I think it is is it? If it is then I'll have what you're having!!!


  • Poodles

    Love is a "state of mind", i need to get out of that state fast!!

  • lola28

    I honestly don't really know.


  • Dune

    There are three types of love, Agape (christian), Phillipi(brotherly), Eros(erotic). according to witnesses.

    I've always liked agape because it simply means "undeserved love" (Or something like that...). I mentioned in a book study that It basically meant loving people who you really didnt like in the first place and some of the people took offense. O well.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Love is wanting the absolute best for the object of your affection.

    Whatever you do in your marriage is your business, but it wouldn't be happening in my marriage.

    I am jealous and someone would get killed...I'd miss my husband.

    Best Regards,


  • Cardinal Fang
    Cardinal Fang

    I have one dear XJW friend (now happily in an exclusive LTR) who, several years ago, became embroiled (and burnt) in a relationship with a man who described himself as 'polyamorous'...

    Where I'm from (Scotland), we have a fine, earthy old word which more accurately (and realistically) describes men like him...huremaister (lit. "whoremaster" = rough trans. "womaniser") (NB in no way meant misogynistically... it is a very old word and hence of its time)

    I'm sorry, but IMHO, 'polyamory' is just a psychobabble BS excuse for people behaving like dogs. I'm not saying that it's realistic (or even possible) for people not to feel sexually attracted to others beside their partner (before any of the board's well-known libertines dive in )... but I would argue that it is not possible to put in the same degree of emotional investment that a 'serious' emotionally and sexually intimate relationship (if that's what we're discussing, rather than random sh***ing or 'friends with benefits') would seem to demand with more than one person at a time.

    My 0.02 (which, as a long-term single, may not count for 5h!t to some people... but I still have my standards - and no, that's not why I'm single - far too long and depressing a story...)

    (BTW, slightly overdone with the brackets, d'ya think? )

  • whyamihere

    Wish I knew......


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