I went to a "black" church this morning

by tsunami_rid3r 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • IP_SEC

    I still dont know why anyone would want to spend sunday morning at church with all of the sleeping in, scratching ones self, video games, burping and other acts of self love that need done.

  • DannyHaszard

    The UU Unitarian church is the most liberal anything goes (usually well educated members) easy going church.

    I myself and professional cult exit counselors recommend the UU as the first stop post cult exit.You won't get dogma shoved down your throat.

    Everyone is welcome my local UU church in Bangor is older than the Watchtower the building itself is 150 years old and the congregation is about 30% gay lesbian.


    How was the singing??? I'm tempted to go just hear the choir!!!


  • greendawn

    All people are equal before God and there are no distinctions, all races have their specific functions in mankind.

  • hallelujah

    The problem with Buddhism is the kamma theory, i.e. if you got it you deserved it.

    As for the Catholic church it is the mother of all the lies sprouted by it's daughter churches, such as the WTBTS.

    By the way the Catholic church is still said to have on it's statute books the penalty of burning for heretics, but the law is not presently enforced due to circumstances which do not allow it's implementation. However the Catholic Church does still prescribe hell in such cases.

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