Is Jehovah a God of love?

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  • Legolas
    Is Jehovah a God of love?

    No , No , No , No , No!

  • BlessedStar

    Is Jehovah a God of love?


    With the word "hatred," we think of hostility, animosity, anger or contempt.

    But in certain places in the Bible the word "hate" or "hatred" is not intended to communicate these ugly feelings.

    eg Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah (Gen. 29:30). The next verse (Gen. 29:31) says that "The Lord saw that Leah was hated,".

    Sometimes, in Biblical use, the word hate or hatred - is not intended, and does not demand hostility or contempt. It simply conveys a ranking of affection.

    We are to love Christ MORE than we love our own family, and even our own self! Loving the Lord more than parents ... more than children ... more than brothers and sisters ... EVEN MORE THAN OUR OWN LIVES -- that is absolutely essential, if you want to become a disciple of Christ.

    Hope this clears up the misconception.


  • james_woods

    This a hot button issue with me. Let me quote something from my very first post to JWD:

    If your "GOD" was REALLY going to come down here and KILL EVERYBODY ON EARTH except for the WT people who the society liked, would you not stand up to fly the first fighter jet against such a horrible alien?

    I meant that - how is he better than the slimy aliens in "independence day"

  • FairMind
    This means that evil, evil as an alternative, existed alongside with the existence of God since "the beginning of time". That is, God is not the only "thing" that has existed for all eternity.

    Not true! Evil is not a tangible something it is simply the doing of something that is not in harmony with what God says should be done. Animals freely have intercourse with a variety of mates, is this evil? No, but if humans do the same it is evil simply because that is not in harmony with God’s way for mankind.

    In what way does free will have anything to do with it if god is going to destroy anyone who doesn't do it his way?

    There’s a big difference here, God is the creator we are the creation. The creator of something has the RIGHT to decide how it is to function. We should not be so arrogant as to think we are on equal footing with God.

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