Should we evaluate satan's thoughts, to see if we agree or not?

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  • GodisRight

    Get real!!! If you actually believe the biblical crap about satan and adam and eve, then it logically follows that god created this universe and everything within it....yes, that would include "the capacity"

    Yes God created the universe.

    for evil if he ultimately "created" the devil. Now the classic JW response (or xtian fundy) ;is "oh, god gave us 'free will' so mankind 'chose' evil...." This argument is also logically bankrupt because one would have to accept that god being the ultimate 'cause' of the universe and the creator of 'free will' is still responsible for what he created. Ergo, god is equally responsible for all good and evil within the nature of reality and perception.

    Some persons use the computer to promote child porno ,infidelty, software piracy, and racism. However, I doubt Dell, Aol. Google or Microsoft intended for their products and technology to be used for such purposes.

    It just goes to show you how humans can take something really "good" and and ruin with their selfishness, greed, and hatred.

    God then "chooses" (using HIS free will) ;to allow the murder and mayhem to continue on his "earth" unabated amongst the creatures he himself created. If I had children (or even a pet dog) I am LEGALLY, ETHICALLY and MORALLY responsible for their care, upbringing and guidance. Would I stand by and do nothing to help them if it was in my power to do so? NO. And if I did do nothing, I would be thrown in jail. Sad is'nt it, that the legal system established by humans proves itself morally superior to your silent and impotent tribal deity???

    Catch 22. If God slays the wicked, he called a intolerant murdering sick deity. If He stands back and doe's nothing, he is accused of being neglective and "impotent" God. With sick twisted humans, God can't do right.

    God has tried talking mankind into being rightious, but that has got him no where. Talking doesn't work. God has tried punishing the wicked, but then he accused of being wicked Himself for punishing the wicked. This is why God caused a world wide flood to sweep the earth clean sparing only one man and his family.

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