What are JW views on freemasons

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  • zagor

    Those two orders are completely incompatible. Freemasonry promotes equality of all religions and in effect forbids religious discussion in its lodges among its members. Could you imagine JW agreeing with such an attitudes?

    Freemasonry teaches that Christian dogmas had its roots in other religions; think of virgin birth of semi-god as one example alone. To fundamentalist Christians (JW included) any hint of such things is blasphemous.

    I grant you, there are some commonalities. Like the use of divine name (though even masons are mostly referring to in as in tetragramaton form) Which is not unusual given that both derive lots of their inspiration from the bible, so there you go.

    To you who think that Freemasonry is some sort of Satanism in disguise I would ask only one question - how is it then that higher Masonic degrees are available only to Christians????

    The simple truth is that most conspiracy theorist love to seek for hidden masters of the universe and cannot be settled with simple answers, everything has to have hidden meaning, which already makes me queasy as it reminds me of how WTBS sees the world.

    Freemasonry is but one of thousands of secret societies, but uninformed people somehow only poke at them. Freemasonry, is simply fraternity of men who seek to understand the world around them through esoteric knowledge – something completely removed form WTBS and JWs.

  • zagor

    And to add

    To summarize it simply - it is a modern incarnation of old Gnosticism.

    One of good sources if you want to know more is book by David V. Barrett, Secret Societies - from the ancient and arcane to the modern and clandestine

  • Narkissos

    Just a few thoughts on the topic: the WT stance on freemasonry (as you know I don't give a sh.. of the conspirationist theory which identifies the WT leaders as freemasons).

    In the excerpts I posted, there is some flip-flopping about where the WT classify freemasons (and subsequently why they reject them): "Babylon the Great" (i.e. religion) or spiritism.

    Also, I didn't find any specific article devoted to freemasonry. Rather experiences (some as old as WWI) which take for granted that one cannot be both a freemason and a JW.

    I did notice that the WT used to rent Masonic halls / temples for special meetings and assemblies down to the 60's, while they would hardly have rented churches for the same purposes. One can wonder why. I would suggest that the early WT leaders (down to Knorr) considered freemasonry as religiously neutral, as a mostly secular order or fraternity. I guess they would use their places as they thought they could use a city or government facility without getting involved in politics.

  • stillajwexelder

    *** w00 10/15 p. 26 Working in the "Field"—Before the Harvest ***

    Jehovah’s name has been reproached, and it needs to be sanctified.

    The Trinity, immortality of the soul, and hellfire are fraudulent doctrines.

    The Christian congregation must be separate from the world.

    Christians should have no part in wars of the nations.

    Christians are not under a Saturday or Sunday Sabbath law.

    Christians should not belong to secret societies, such as the Freemasons.

    There are to be no clergy and laity classes among Christians.

    Religious titles are from the antichrist.

    All congregations are to have a body of elders.

    Elders must be holy in all their conduct, above reproach.

    All Christians must preach the good news.

    There will be people living forever in Paradise on earth.

    Christian song should be praises to Jehovah and Christ.

  • stillajwexelder

    by the way - welcome to the board askingquestions

  • stillajwexelder

    *** yb78 p. 141 Spain ***


    Tower in Valencia, the third largest city of Spain. There the clergy reacted by falsely accusing the brothers of being Freemasons and of belonging to the Mano Negra (Mafia). In November, when 6,000 copies were distributed in Tarragona, an ancient city of Iberian and Roman origin, eighty-eight kilometers (55 miles) southwest of Barcelona, persecution reached a climax. By underhanded means, young boys sent from the Catholic schools collected our literature and it was burned in a convent yard in the presence of the chief priests, while the city made a holiday of the occasion. Nevertheless, many of the citizens were very indignant and the civil authorities were liberal, so that a great number of persons subscribed for The Watch Tower.
  • Kenneson

    The Masons needed money; the Bible Students needed a place to meet. So, they rented a room from the Masons. This was not so unusual as many groups (including Baptists, Y.M.C.A. and others) did the same. Functions and events other than religious were also held in Masonic lodges (temples). I doubt that everyone who met in the rented rooms were Masons. Get real.

  • stillajwexelder

    I have been approached to join the Masons -I said thankyou and was flattered and would think about it

  • EAGLE-1

    My Uncle is a big shot in the masons and hates my jw parents and jws.

  • wombat

    Eagle - My grand-father was a Mason and his view towards the WTS was that it was good that everyone should have a faith.

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