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  • askingquestions

    I don't know too much about freemasons but I have a friend who belongs to them and says that they are religious people of different denominations and the do good. I don't see exactly what it is that they do....but I get the distinct feeling that it's not right. Could someone enlighten me. Thank you

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    Guy, the Freemasons are an ancient order of Mystery Babylonian Kabbalism. There are two great books with very credible information linking the Jehovah's Witness, International Bible Students with Freemasonry and Zionism. One is "The Watchtower and the Masons," written by Fritz Springmeier, and "Bloodlines of the Illuminati," by the same author.

    by Fritz Springmeier Thursday, Feb. 16, 2006 at 6:59 AM

    Bombshell booking exposing the Jehovah's Witnesses, Freemasons, and Zionists.

    download PDF (90.0 mebibytes) ( download torrent )

    Source: http://radio.indymedia.org/news/2006/02/8554_comment.php

    Zionism - Facts About Jehovah's Witnesses - http://www.jwfacts.com/index_files/zion.htm
    Illuminati Mystery Babylon Freemasonry in Israel
    The Lost Word of Masonry

    Russels Grave Site!

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes

    Welcome askingquestions.

    There have been quite a few forum topics and discussions on the connection between jw's and Freemasons so it might be worth having a trawl through previous posts.

    I tried to look for one to post a link for you but couldn't find them, but they are on here.

  • greendawn

    The Free masons though they claim that they are not a religion in fact they are and they have taken numerous elements from ancient pagan religions, from babylon, Egypt, Canaan, Greece, also from Judaism and christianity, to concoct their own religion. The lower ranks do not know the sacred secrets of the higher ranks and if they reveal any secrets to the uninitiated they are severely punished.

    Russell the founder of the JWs was almost certainly a Mason and in their early days the JWs (Bible Students) used Masonic Temples for their meetings as well as masonic symbols on their publications.

    The popes declared that free masonry is not compatible with catholicism and practicing free masons can't belong to the Catholic Church.

  • Narkissos

    While Russell obviously toyed with a lot of ideas, including masonic ones, currently one has to leave freemasonry to become a JW.

    Yearbook 1971, p. 114-5:

    One brother reports that he started a study with a man who was a member of the Masonic Lodge. However, he showed deep interest in study of the Bible, and after just four months of study he wrote the following letter to the secretary of the Lodge:

    "Dear Sir:

    "I respectfully make known to you a request which I am sure you will agree to when you know my motive. For the past few months I have been studying the Bible, the Word of God, to fill a spiritual need in my life. This has been possible with the help of those world-renowned students of the Bible known in 200 lands as Jehovah’s witnesses.

    "I tried to find the truth in various religious organizations but can now see that they did not have it. Then I became a member of Freemasonry in the belief that thereby I could fill the need of every human to worship a Supreme Being that some call the Great Architect of the Universe. The Bible identifies him as Jehovah in Psalm 83:18 and also at Isaiah 42:8, which says, ‘I am Jehovah. That is my name; and to no one else shall I give my own glory, neither my praise to graven images.’

    "In Freemasonry I found very good friends and sincere persons, but I did not find there the truth that I looked for. I have really found it among Jehovah’s witnesses.

    "I have learned from the Bible that this wicked world together with all its religious and political organizations will be destroyed at the coming battle of God. Revelation 18:4 says, ‘And I heard another voice out of heaven say: "Get out of her, my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues."’ The Bible shows that Babylon the Great represents the false religious organizations and says they will be destroyed. So why remain within them?

    "This is the reason for my request to be taken off the list of members of the Masonic Lodge. From now on I am one of Jehovah’s witnesses and I will be attending the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s witnesses in order to study more deeply the Bible and be able to bring this knowledge to persons seeking the truth. Yours truly."

    Now this man, along with his wife and two daughters, has left Babylon the Great and is preparing to be baptized.

    Awake 10/8, 1974:

    At times what people see among members of their religious organizations greatly disappoints them and causes them to forget about God.

    A married couple in the state of Michigan found that this had happened to them. They were disturbed by religious hypocrisy among members of their own church. They learned that many fellow members of the local Methodist Church were engaging in wife swapping. In disgust, they quit attending church. But, as they said, ‘In leaving the church, we felt that we had left God and knew that we shouldn’t have done that.’

    However, in time their experience caused them to think about Jehovah’s witnesses. This was because the conduct of the Witnesses impressed them. The man and his wife even told friends and neighbors that they would like to become Jehovah’s witnesses, saying: "They all seem so wholesome and so well versed in the Bible." Later, they gladly accepted the offer to study the Bible with Jehovah’s witnesses. On the basis of increased Bible knowledge, the man, despite his being a thirty-second degree Mason, severed his connections with the Masonic Lodge and she with the Order of the Eastern Star.

    Yearbook 1991, p. 74-5:


    Freemason to Witness

    During World War I, Brother Fox worked as manager of a local business. One Sunday morning, at his home in Honolulu, he received a call from David Solomon. Mr. Solomon, operating a garage at a local military post, requested supplies and inquired if Ellis would open the store to fill his order, and this Ellis consented to do.

    Brother Fox recalls: "As he drove me to the store, he remarked that I must be a Mason to be so accommodating. On being informed that I was a minister with the local Bible Students, he asked, ‘Do you ever give talks outside your own church?’ I answered, ‘Yes, if invited.’ Then he informed me that he was the master of the Masonic lodge at Fort Schofield and invited me to speak there. Of course, I did not tell him that I had never given a public talk. I prepared and used a chart similar to the one found at the front of Volume I of the Studies in the Scriptures. Preparing for and giving that first public talk gave me a chance to put into practice some of what I had learned from Walter Bundy."

    David Solomon thereafter met regularly with the small group of Bible Students. In spite of stiff opposition, he later resigned from the Masonic order and was baptized by Brother Fox.

    Watchtower 1997, 12/15:

    Still, ‘buying truth’ required him to make some painful adjustments in his life. Recalls Godwin: "I was a member of a Masonic Lodge. And though it is known as a fraternal society that provides help for its members, I observed rituals that involved the use of skulls and bones and the invoking of spirits. These spirits supposedly help those who interact with them to develop spiritually.

    "My studies helped me to see that Jehovah God detests any involvement with spiritism because it can bring one under the influence of Satan and his wicked spirit forces. Would I continue as a member of the Masonic Lodge with all its mysticism, or would I quit and please Jehovah? I chose the latter. I destroyed all the Freemason paraphernalia I had, even the suit I used for Lodge meetings. I experienced the truth of Jesus’ promise when he said, ‘The truth will set you free’! (John 8:32) Now I am happily sharing the things I have learned with others. I have no regrets whatsoever."

  • greendawn

    Knowing how cunning and devious the FDS is I wouldn't be surprised if they instruct the R&F to be anti masonic while they are secretly cooperating with them they are known to have been double faced and double dealing hypocrites in the past.

    The point is that one should never take at face value their claims. The whole essence of their existence as the FDS of the JWs is to deceive the world with false claims and there is absolutely nothing good in this name.

  • Elsewhere

    They believe Freemasons are satanic... with the exception of their founder, Freemason, Charles T. Russell.

  • Narkissos


    By your standards, they can be crypto-Masonic as crypto-Catholic, crypto-Protestant, crypto-Orthodox, crypto-Nazi, crypto-Communist, crypto-gays, crypto-anything-they-have-ever-spoken-against.

    Absolute defiance equals absolute gullibility.

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

  • greendawn

    Narkissos, they were using Greber's services to help them translate certain verses and Greber had been kicked out by the catholics as a spiritistic demon communicator. They were telling the R&F that spiritism is very wrong while they were working with a spiritist.

    What I am saying is that they are capable of an extraordinary degree of hypocrisy and double dealing. And with the masons they had obvious dealings in the past as they were using their temples for their JW meetings for a very long time.

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