Comments You Will Not Hear at the March 19, 2006 WT Study (ADMINISTRATION)

by blondie 24 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • heathen

    Man I think I'm going to be sick .... That's the same crap they try to force down everybodies throat every year . I understand that all christians have the hope of inheriting the kingdom of the heavens , the only difference between the GC and the 144k is that the 144k die as martyrs and are the first resurrection , REV 20:4-6 also they are granted authority for the millenial reign which is held within the city of new jerusalem or ( kingdom of the heavens) . Those involved with the second resurrection have the hope of living in paradise earth after the millenial reign and satan is let lose a second time .

  • stillAwitness

    What a load of dog poop to rummage through this week. And blondie's review was the faithful pooper scooper to the rescue!

  • searcher

    Thanks for the reply Blondie.

    The WTS means when Christ returns with the angels to separate the sheep and the goats shortly after the GT starts (new light).

    Surely that is what mainstream Christianity teaches?

    Do they want it both ways, Jesus 'returned' in 1914 and will 'return' at the time of the GT?

    Their comments are somewhat vague and ambiguous.

    Not surprised

  • heathen
    Do they want it both ways, Jesus 'returned' in 1914 and will 'return' at the time of the GT?

    I know you were not a dubby searcher but yes that's what they say today. Christ returned invisibly in 1914 , gave the book publishing corporation the nod for FDS then will somehow return again during the GT to destroy all opposition to his rulership . They do not believe that jesus returns to earth but will always remain in heaven and rule from there invisibly. I think revelation is very obviously stating that christs return will be seen by everybody on earth when he comes to rule the millenial reign . REV 1:7

  • bennyk
    Of course, God has not assigned anyone to recruit others for this privilege.

    Oh, really?!?!

    What were those 1.- early 20. Century Christians doing, then? (Even according to the WTS.)

    And if one should say times have changed, and there is now a different Hope offered to Christian believers (despite Eph. 4:4), Paul says: "Let him be accursed." (Gal. 1:6-9)

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