Just finished "Crisis of Conscience"

by lostlantern 14 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • prophecor

    Hi Lost Lantern. Glad you could read it. It's required reading, I believe for anyone serious about recovery from having been JW.

  • lostlantern

    That was astonishing. Let me list some things:

    1. Mexico vs. Malawi

    2.that Jesus isn't our mediator, merely that of the 144,000

    3. How the inner workings of the GB meetings go, the whole 2/3 vote

    4, 606/607 and the 1914 date

    5.1975 and the inability to ever admit wrong.

    those are a few things that really got to me.

  • juni

    Lostlantern, hi

    YesIdid gave you the correct e mail address. I wrote and got an answer. Didn't take too long.

    It was truly an "eyeopener" book. I sent in for other up to date pages concerning the change of belief about "the generation that would see all of these things". Unbelievalbe what they do. And they have the audacity to berate other religons for their manmade teachings????? Those bozos.

    Juni (Bozo, the clown)

  • lowden

    I've heard about this book many times, but now i'm going onto Amazon to buy it! Just read 'Jehovah Unmasked' by Nathan Merritt. Wow.



  • Thinkagain

    I would like to donare to a libery but it might fall into the wrong

    hands and some JW would destroy it.

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