Just finished "Crisis of Conscience"

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  • lostlantern

    I have just finished Crisis of Conscience and it moved me to write Raymond Franz a letter of appreciation. Does anyone know how to get a letter to him? I think I will send it through the publishing company unless there is a better way.

    Everyone should read this book, it is a real eye opener. I want to send a copy to all of my loved ones.

  • MerryMagdalene

    It really is a good book. I could hardly put it down until I had read it cover to cover. Wish I could get my mom to read it. Maybe some day she'll be ready...maybe not. But I can hope. Do you think any of your loved ones will read it?


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Franz IS the publisher so sending your letter there will get to him

  • lostlantern

    I doubt it, but one can hope. My husband I want to have children and when that happens we will have to take an open stand. At that time I plan on telling them how I feel and giving them a copy. Until then I just want to keep what little relationship I still have with them.

  • lostlantern

    So then send it to:

    Commentary Press

    PO Box 43532

    Atlanta GA 30336


  • Dune

    I just finished it too.

    I plan on either mailing it to this unbaptized publisher in our kingdom hall or leaving it in a lost and found box with my alternate email inside.

  • Clam

    Lostlantern it's a brilliant book isn't it? Jaw dropping for me.

    I saw someone post an email address last week for Mr Franz, so hopefully they'll do it again. It's via his publishing outlet. Apparently he enjoys getting feedback very much, bless him.

  • lostlantern

    I am so glad I read it. I started off feeling like a traitor and that slowly went away. I am glad that my husband pushed me.

  • yesidid

    Ray's email address is [email protected] BTW he would be delighted to know COC helped you. He wrote it for the sole purpose of helping people. That's the sort of person he is.

  • greendawn

    Lostlantern so what are one or two points in the book that you really found outstanding?

    Some ppl were astonished to read that it is mainly non anointed JWs that write their articles while the thousands of "anointed" are never consulted and have not written as much as a sentence. This shows that this org is fundmentally dishonest.

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