THERE ARE differences between 2003 WBTCD and 2005 WBTCD

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  • KW13

    Right here is a report generated on the differences between 2003 CD and 2005 CD from my computer. I haven't yet looked to see if the changes are visible changes of text or just innocent changes that somehow couldn't be helped. Either way a lot of files that are meant to be the same DO look different.

    Check this report...

  • Elsewhere

    I'm not sure if that can be used as proof that the content was changed. I'm more inclined to think that the WTS just changed the file formats.

    What you would need to do is cut and paste the text of the old and new CDs into text files and then do a compare on those files.

  • KW13

    Well i believe i've found a change in one of the index books on the CD's when searching for 1914.

  • DannyHaszard

    Appreciate your research efforts,please carry on and find out if there's more.-Danny

  • stevenyc

    can someone PM me a place to downoad the CD for personal study?


  • nicolaou
  • stevenyc

    much abliged nicolaou


  • KW13

    Well folks here is a screenshot (Watchtower Library 2005 and Watchtower Library 2003 side by side)

    I circled the difference.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    And we know the CDs are different than the bound volumes which are differnet than the originals.

    Nothing like rewriting history to hide what you published earlier.

    A while back I did a side by side comparison of two books with a slightly different title (might have been the Peace and Security books) Turns out it was the same book with 1 chapter change and 1 paragraph. Otherwise it was the same book

  • Jourles

    A couple of things....

    Of course the binaries are going to be different from one release to another. They have added two years of publications to the CD. Merely the compile date could trigger the "Binary files are different" message.

    If anything, the text would need to be extracted and compared to show any definitive differences. That is the only way to show minor(or major) changes.

    *edited to add that I looked at the wrong dates*

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