New Generation of JW's?

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  • zeroday

    I DA'd myself two years and yet I have 3 JW cousins that continue to communicate with me. Either thru email or face to face. When I ask them if they know the consequences of their actions they just reply "I don't care". Mind you they are very active and I live over 2000 miles from them. I would never think of ratting on them. Anyone else experience such a thing.

  • stillajwexelder

    Many young JWs go pub crawling/bar hopping at weekend and dont care. Many lead double lives. The vast majority use the demon haunted satans toll "The Internet". And virtually all tha tare married will perform the big "O" in bed.

    So yes the new generation is definitely not as robotic as the previous generation (mine)

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Thankfully , maybe the new generation of JW's will shake the " truth " off themselves easier than our generation did ! Many , actually the majority of young JW in my area are of the "don't care thought " even the active ones .They still do what they want.

  • tsunami_rid3r

    I don't care.

  • Dune

    In my opinion, the WTBS wont be able to handle this generation of JW's. They're wild, crazy and really dont give a damn.

    I know a pioneer group of 16-25 year olds in another congregation that has make out sessions during evening witnessing.

    Almost every witness girl i talk to invariably has some problem with depression or some extreme clingyness because of a lack of attention by worldly men.

    I'd like to think it'll be done away with within our life time, but it wont be. what i can be sure of is that it stops after this generation.

  • Tish

    Maybe the older folks think it is because in the last days the young will become rebels etc. I think that it is all too sureal for most teen folk JWs and their parents know now that they haven't seen things happen as they were told that they would, so hopefully they will soon be borg free!

  • CoonDawg

    I think that there are still some "hard core" JW's...but they, like all "corporate" religions are adapting to try and keep some of the relative "popularity" that they've had in previous years. They claim to be so special and different because they are THE religion that God blesses...but in reality, they are the same as other religions. They make concessions to keep their numbers looking good. Even my Mom, a long time JW and still very active, says that she's not going to give up communication with all her "heathen" children...none of whom attend meetings any longer.


  • sass_my_frass

    We alll hope so!

  • anewme

    I have 11 young nieces and nephews still in the JW. I hope this terrible df thing never happens to them.
    I hope they somehow make sweeping changes and become more forgiving and Christlike.

  • Wild_Thing

    I was not DF'd and never officially disassociated, but I made it very clear to my family that I am no longer a JW ... that was over 5 years ago. They didn't talk to me for a few months and I expected it to be forever, but they came around after a while and now we talk all the time, and I have my little JW neices and nephews over to visit all the time, too! They are very active, and my bro-in-law is an elder. It certainly is different than what would have been done when I was a kid. I saw people left and right completely cutting off family members and I still see it sometimes today. I don't understand the change, but I guess you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth!

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