I thought today was a good day....

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  • jgnat

    It's just a spammer collegegrl. Never you mind.

    Sorry your mom decided to be so mean. I remember when I lost weight my mother became very concerned...that I might end up skinnier than her! Even though I was following a program and was losing weight gradually, she suggested I might be anorexic. By the way, I never went below 135 pounds.

    It was too much for me. Those whom I most wanted approval were THREATENED by my progress. I quit the diet.

    Shouldn't have.

  • Virgochik

    Hey, collegegirl!

    I was the same age as you when it just got too strained to stand it another day at home. I got a minimum wage job and a small apartment and moved out! I already had a car but I had to make payments to my parents on it.

    Some of it sounds like JW brainwashing has corroded your mom's brains, and some of it is, around your age, I think we've just worn out our welcome in their home, and it's time to move on. Only then will they recognize you as an adult and treat you with respect. My parents are my good friends now, but it took my leaving and them seeing me as an adult. I've been sucessful, and they grudgingly admire me for it, tho I'm a fader.

    I think the clashes and my mom getting so obnoxious with me was to get me to move out. If you can't stand living with the rules of their home, it's time to make your own home. How close are you to finishing school? Can you make it a little longer, or no?

    The military is a good career with benefits. My husband is retired military and gets a nice retirement check in addition to his paycheck...but that's after 20 years. Don't do a kneejerk reaction, because your mom pushed your buttons. Consider which course of action is best for you, in the long run. Remember, "she who laughs last", lol!

  • ColdRedRain

    Collegegirl, I face the same issues too. I'm in college and I'm one of the unfortunate victims of a hyperinflated housing market. So that means I have to hear "You don't serve Jehovah" this and "You don't serve Jehovah" that all the time until yuppies finally realise that they're living in the god damn slums and start moving back to the suburbs.

    Whenever my mom goes on her "You don't serve Jehovah" tirade, I just ask her if she can say with a straight face that she serves Jehovah instead of an organization if she approves of child sacrifice due to the blood policy.

    That shuts them up real quick. Either that or that gets them mad.

    75% of the time, they shut the hell up. The other 25% of the time, they get mad. I know martial arts so they don't show me the other 25%.

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    "Listen, I don't have time to do this (as opposed to your f** a** sleeping all day). Jehovah isn't happy with you and you don't do anything. You've put on weight (she's talking about my weight!?! I am 5'2 125lbs) and it seems like you just dont - wait, I don't want to say anything I will regret for the rest of my life."

    Ok....That's where I would have jumped up and punched the b***h (excuse my french) in the face. That's just furcking wrong! You are so beautiful! I've seen you so I should know! I know she's your mom, but.....SCREW HER! Uggghhhhh!!!!!! I feel so bad for you b/c I know what you're going through...and I know it SUCKS A$$!!!! You're mom sounds like my mom's twin. I'm so sorry you're going through this BS right now.

    You need to come back to Mississippi and live with me and Matt.

    luv, jojo

  • serendipity

    hi collegegirl,

    My cousin 'M" was a wild child. Her mother was constantly berating her about not serving Jehovah, not loving Jehovah and telling her how sad she (MOM) would be when "M" was killed at Armageddon. "M" got tired of the this manipulation and talked with an Army recruiter. I then told her Mother about it. "M" "allowed" her mother to talk her out of it, saying "I don't want to displease Jehovah by joining the Army." Mom let up after that.

    It's a tactic worth trying.

  • stillAwitness

    Man, I'm so sorry to hear you are having a hard time girl. I thought the situation with your mom was just gping on yesterday. Maybe she is just having a bad week. Just know you are not the only one. Nothing last forever. Be patient and this to shall pass.

    At least you have your own place.I'm here for you if you ever wanna vent with me on IM.

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