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  • anewme

    I wrote last week that I was going to start my diet and exercise program.
    I am happy to report that after a week of giving up bread mainly I have lost 3lbs.

    I did nothing else. Bread is my weakness for sure. Last year I bought an almost new bread maker off Craigslist and I just had to get my $25 out of it! Jeesh.

    Well now I am on my way. I feel so much better too after a week. Not as many aches and pains.

    And this got me to wondering!

    How much of my aches and pains has been an allergy to wheat or something?

    You should see my face! In just a week my (yuck) double chin is waaaaay better and the usual puffiness I have come to expect in my face is dissappearing! And many of the vague aches and pains are gone! In just a week!

    I have been watching some videos of old west Indians (part of a historic drama Im watching)
    Anyway, I thought (while looking at the stomach muscles of the braves) wow, you dont see Indian people look like that anymore. I heard all the refined foods we eat today are not good for their systems and they are easy prey for diabetes and obesity and heart problems. Im of Irish descent and we do not process alcohol very good (news to everyone I'm sure) maybe we do not process refined sugars and carbohydrates either!
    (Who does really?) So I thought I would try a low/no wheat flour, carbs, sugars diet. That means watching my fruits and carby veggies too.
    No crackers, cookies, bagels, rice, pasta, desserts, well just about everything we eat.
    I even got a book at the library on old Irish recipes! Amazingly they are very very healthy and low carb!
    I am enjoying the recipes along with the stories, legends and just plain blarney.

    Amazingly I have found alot of foods to eat: salads, beef, chicken, oooh hot linguisa, egg and cheese omelets with broccolli, cooked carrots, parsnips, squashes, green beans, beets, that list goes on ad infinitum. I dont feel deprived at all. AND I FEEL GOOD! And no I wont be celebrating St. Pattys day with a green beer.....maybe a green bean!

    Anyway I am losing!

    Wish me well!


  • Hellrider

    Oh, we`re talking weight problems, overweight, dieting and stuff like that. I bet I`m probably the heaviest person on the board. The story goes like this: In my family, we are a lot of big people, especially on my fathers side. Both me and my brother look like, and are build like our dad.He weighed around 120 kilos, and so do we. I used to lift a lot of weights when I was younger, and from time to time, I still do it. I am 189 cm (that`s around 6"4 for americans). In my mid-twenties I started taking anti-depressives, seroxat, and I used them for many years. I immediately (although I didn`t know it then) start gaining weight. I was around 105 kilos when I started, a couple of years later I peaked at 140 kilos (over 300 lbs). I`m not going to say it was all because of the Seroxat, as I was lazy and drank a lot too back then. Anyway, I went on a diet (loosing the girlfriend I had at the time was a big motivation, if I ever wanted to get laid again, I just had to loose the weight, ha ha), and I worked out a lot, both with weights and with cardio-vascular workout (mainly cycling). I got down to 105. I`m now up to 120 again. Anyway, it`s really hard for me to hold the weight down. I almost never drink beer anymore (as of the last two years), occasionally I`ll have a glass or two of wine, but very rarely. I don`t eat sweets, sodas with sugar, etc. I`ll allow myself some chocolate or chips, but only once every week (usually saturdays). I am very sure that the anti-depressives is a very contributing factor in my weight problems, because a coupld of months ago, I switched to another brand (Cipralex), because they were supposed to be better, and have less side-effects. And during the three weeks I was off the anti-depressives, I dropped around 7 kilos, without doing anything, or changing my diet! Then, I started on the other brand of pills, and I gained them right back on. So my doctor saw with his own eyes that the medications is at least a contributing factor, or maybe even partly a direct factor to my weight problems. I see my weight problem as being partly genetical, partly due to the meds, partly due to the fact that I sometimes overeat (I don`t eat unhealthy, but I sometimes eat to much. It`s hard to just leave the dinner table after one plate). Anyway: My blood pressure and cholesterol is perfectly fine (another proof that I am not eating greasy foods, the cholesterol at least), but I would still love to get some weight off of me. I don`t look fat, I just look...big. But to big, in my opinion. Anyone got any tips (other than exercising more...I know about that one...)?

  • serendipity

    Low carb diet and 1 hour of power walking 6 days a week helped me lose weight.

  • GentlyFeral

    Well, I got tired of my waking blood sugar being around 115-120 every damn day, so I got back into the health-food-geek thing. I found a nutrition/cookbook that suited me down to the ground: Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats, by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig. It's controversial, but as soon as I began following their recommendations – I started by switching to real butter and real sea salt – my carbohydrate cravings disappeared. I actually began craving vegetables. I still do, two months later.

    I am also a big fan of Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure. It really does live up to its title; most of the time I eat about half what I used to.

    On this combined regime, I've had very little trouble with overeating. I still have a tendency to crave salt when I need water or minerals or when I'm in pain. I rarely crave sweets any more, but when I do half a cup of sugarless ice cream will do, or even half a piece of fruit or a single 1/2 ounce square of dark chocolate. I don't crave carbohydrates at all now.

    I tend to lose control if I am hungry for too long, so I don't allow that to happen; hunger pangs are permission to eat. Duh!

    When I went on this diet started this regime I wasn't expecting to lose any weight at all, but I'm losing about half a pound a week. All I wanted was to bring my blood sugar down to healthy levels, and that started happening within a week or two.

    And I don't freak out if I do happen to go off the rails. If I'm going to stuff myself, I enjoy it, do it attentively (which means less food and more fun), and then straighten up and fly right again a couple days later. No biggie.

    gently feral

  • GentlyFeral

    Should have added that I bike 2 miles a day, five days a week, as a regular part of my commute to and from work. And that's another big secret: fold exercise into your normal routine. If it's something you have to plan, travel for, or dress up for, you probably won't do it, unless it's something you really, really love.

    gently feral

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