Diet fail factors

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  • greendawn

    When you are on a diet what is it that tempts you most to give it up or if you succeed in your diet objectives what is it afterwards that tempts you to overeat and start putting on weight again? Unfortunately most dieters that lost weight regain it. Long term successful weight loss is elusive for most people.

    My weakness is eating too many chocolates and biscuits.

  • Emma

    I overeat when I'm stressed. If it's a long-term stress, I over indulge long term. Last time I started a new job, I gaines more than twenty pounds. I'm now in the first few months of another new job, and it's a fight. I'm not particular; I'll eat just about anything I can get my hands on!


  • jstalin

    I've done plenty of dieting. I think the thing that ruins it most is my love of chocolate. If I give it up for too long, I gorge when I do encounter chocolate.

    I think the trick is to exercise in an enjoyable way. I love walking, so I walk as much as I can. I think the average person should walk (or do some sort of other exercise) about an hour a day. Our evolutionary history is of living outdoors and fending for ourselves. Humans in developed countries have, for the most part, given up that daily exercise routing... that's why we're all getting fat (that and the enormous consumption of refined sugars).

  • luna2

    I find that I'm rarely truly hungry. I over-eat when I'm bored or stressed. I tend to snack while watching television or reading books...and I don't choose celery sticks either. Goofing around on the computer is fine because my hands are usually busy, same for doing needlework.

    What I really need to do is find a hobby that requires me to be physically active. Too bad I'm not into sports at all. I am too much the observer.

  • Dismembered

    hi greendawn

    lose the biscuits, and you'll lose pounds


  • whyamihere

    I love Cheesecake and Chocolate.

    However, I got will power(if you call it that). That little voice that says "Once on the lips forever on the hips" So, I rarely eat junk food.


  • Emma

    I try to walk regularly, too, and aim for about an hour five days a week. I don't know if that'll be enough to keep it off as I get older. It's a dirty trick that it takes more and more to keep weight off as we get older. I have something sweet nearly every day, just a little even when I'm seriously trying to loose weight and I eat very little of what I call fake food, the artificially sweetened, fat free stuff. If I'm gonna eat it, it has to be good.

    I've kept the weight off for the most part for five years, and yet I have times of terror that I'll gain it back!

  • evita

    I have lost and regained dozens of pounds. I am a great dieter, very diligent and organized. But when I stop dieting, I go into some kind of semi-conscious state of denial. I don't pay attention to what I eat, I don't weigh myself or read anything about diets. I cook and bake alot. Then I wake up! And I am startled to realize I have gained back alot of weight rather quickly.
    So the trick for me is to stay always conscious about my eating. Keeping a food journal definitely helps. I check in with a diet buddy every day and weigh in once a week. If I blow it, I try to make it a deliberate cheat rather than a zombie binge.
    I eat really well, and will splurge on expensive raspberries and dark chocolate to help with the feelings of deprivation.
    All these things help me to feel satiated, in control, and I am steadily losing the pounds.
    Good luck to all in your weight loss journey!

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Whenever I am trying to watch what I eat, my husband brings me Godiva Chocolate....

    That sometimes hurts the diet.....!

    But seriously,

    I used to be 350+ pounds. I had gastric bypass and lost almost 200 lbs.

    I watch what I eat, stay away from lots of sugar, and try to exercise everyday.

    But its very hard especially in times of stress...when my natural tendency is to run to the Danish Butter Cookies!


  • Dune

    I lost about 50lbs on the atkins diet. But then gained 20 lbs when i got off of it, lol. Its amazing what you take for granted (rice, pasta, Fruits), lol. I reached a plateau mainly cause i was losing weight without exercise and i hit the plateau i didnt feel like exercising. I'm just eating around 1600 cals a day now...

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