Farkel's a grumpy ol' fart (like me)

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  • wombat

    Fair enough the Administrator closed the earlier thread. Apologies to the Newbie....Be like Unclebruce and laugh at the Grumpy Old Fart.

    But the thread was evolving into another topic.

    Gumby said....."...it's the longass posts with no paragraphs that's irritating."

    So far it hasn't happened here tonight.

    I am as pedantic as they come when it comes to (my) correct English. But I don't mind other people's variations on it. Text messaging vocabulary is part of the evolution of the language. Like it or not.

    But it's those bloody long, long, long eye-glazing posts without a single paragraph, totally impossible to read, that irk me. Reach for your drink and you have to start at the top again.

    Now I don't bother trying to read them. And I shall be a grumpy old fart and chastise anyone who does so in future.

  • unclebruce

    Dear straight hitter Golf,


    speaking of class,

    aren't you supposed to scream FORE!!*

    forewarned is ...unc

    *FORE!! /adj/ prefix before, in front: bawled from the tee to the players far in front waiting to play their second shots, In the US means: 'Look out you f'n idiots, you're going to get hit!" in the UK means "I'm awefully sorry chaps, I hadn't the remotest idea I could hit that far."

  • ballistic

    hello, my name's unclebruce, what's your handicap?

  • greendawn

    I can't understand why ppl wouldn't use paragraphs it's so easy to press "enter" to start a new one, but perhaps some don't know that it's necessary to tick the "Automatic Cr?Lf" box to maintain them.

  • unclebruce
    I wonder if ol' Willy Shakespeare got flak for the guerilla attack he made on the English language back in the day? Or did he fall back on the tired old excuse of "Well, I've written a bazillion plays and sonnets... what have you done lately?"

    Give the next generation an opportunity to reproduce.... all it takes is a little bugger telling his daddy to "FU" to make them realize that a good example is the best teacher.

    I saw some Bill Shakespeare in text form once - it was quite amusing. I think it behoves™ us to avoid the trap of throwing up our hands and moaning that the world™ is going to hell in a hand basket (been there, done that).

    I few years ago we were worried that computer games would render the young illiterate. Things like text messaging and googling are causing the exact opposite.

    I was totally amused/bemused when visiting my spruced up home city Adelaide with its extensive parkland's and dominant gentrified café' life style only to have JW relies bang on about how things were going down the tubes. Wake up people! Things are calmer now ..barely a mugger in sight nowerdays! lol The younger generations are creating a different world and it's not a bad place to be.

    Satan's new nightmare world of beer, art, cappicino and polite conversation (beware it's all just a cunning trap

    And Satan the grocer proved to be most cunning and said "Here Eve try a juicy pineapple"

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