Farkel's a grumpy ol' fart (like me)

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  • ballistic
    And besides, it's St. Patrick's day!! Shouldn't you lot be out drinking??

    A bit early Scully! It 11:30 here in the UK.

  • Clam
    And besides, it's St. Patrick's day!! Shouldn't you lot be out drinking??

    Ha, I haven't an ounce of Irish blood but I will be later. Maybe after winning a fortune on the Cheltenham Gold Cup??

    I remember Benny Hill beating the texters to it years ago in a TV sketch. It involved Germans using single letters, eg,

    F U N E X ?

    Have you any eggs?

    S F V X N M

    Yes we have eggs and ham


  • wombat

    We must not forget that Patrick is a Saint of the Holy Church

    On this day he should be remembered with somber respect.

    May you all be on your knees this evening.

  • unclebruce

    Geez scully's rite... sh*t! St.Pats day on'y 'as 1-1/2 hrs 2 go + I'm sober as a genu iron judge! Bloody cuntry l'v'n! .. a man g'ts outa tuch. :-(

    unc by Irish phone

  • James Free
    James Free

    I read Farkel's comments regarding incorrect grammer and the subsequent rants.

    Farkel's posts were rude and pedantic to an extreme.

    Farkel also made numerous grammatical mistakes. I am sure readers appreciated the irony.

    I noticed the administrator eventually closed the thread. I hope a warning was also sent to Farkel to behave or risk suspension. (But disfellowshipping is not necessary, ha ha)

    The posts were made in the 'Friends' section, but there was not much friendliness demonstrated. This is a forum about Jehovah's Witnesses and its organization, not a language school. We all make mistakes from time to time. I know I do. Nobody appreciates a 'smart ass'.

  • unclebruce

    Hey James it may help if you inset this where your Farkel chip currently resides:




    Farkel is a grumpy old fart. Grumpy old farts do what grumpy old farts do. Some grumpy old farts are just grumpy old farts. Farkel is far more than just a grumpy old fart. How do you cope with grumpy old farts? - I've found calling their bluff by counter farting them quite effective. Of course a lot of people are scared of grumpy old farts. Other people run and hide when they see grumpy old farts. Some people want to shoot grumpy old farts. Few engage grumpy old farts and have them see the error of their nasty ways.

    unclebruce, not his GOF's keeper.

  • greendawn

    I must admit Farkel did come down really hard on that girl given also that she was a new member and should be made to feel comfortable and welcome here. Could just suggest that she use a spell checker to correct her spelling mistakes.

  • unclebruce

    Please Note: This was not meant to be a New Thread but somehow linked here instead of as reply to candynuts (it's apostademons I tell ya!).

    unc who doesn't flame

  • James Free
    James Free

    GOF for sure.

    Actually, the attitude displayed was not unlike many power-mad, unloving, Elders inside the Org. that Farkel crticises.

    I remember one 'local needs' talk about the length of time the congregation should applause when a 'brother' finished his talk. The body of Elders wanted the clapping to continue until the speaker was well off the platform. It was pathetic that the local elders should consider this to be the topic worthy of a talk to the congregation when there were much more presing needs at the time. Similarly, the person who initiated the thread was asking for help regarding their partner, not a lesson in grammer.

    Fakel needs to learn some humility.

  • Golf

    UB, you got CLASS, not so with fartkel.


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