The watchtowers campaign against freedom of views and speech gets noticed!

by Crumpet 17 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • wombat

    Danny...A wise man would pass all copy through Outnfree before publishing.

    She is so good and it is a free service. Very professional.

  • nelly136

    cool idea crumpet.

    Stephen Bates from The Guardian maybe ?

    He covered the UN issue rather well.

  • outnfree

    Hey! I just tried to "Discuss this Release" and got a notice that the site had been hacked and they're working on it. Is this common at The Open Press, or should paranoia kick in?

  • wombat

    Outnfree...I reckon that we are looking at some junior JW kid who would rather play around on the Net than get up on a Sunday morning and knock on his neighbours' doors.

    The boy is a loser.

    It is so easy to hack into a site. .I'd bet it took him a very long time though. He'd being counting every minute for his monthly report.

    Get a life.

  • Sunspot

    I want to get this info and article out....and at the same time, I'd like to put my own addition at the bottom on the mirror sites where Elsewhere's site appears. Are these still up and active? Could someone post them here on this thread so maybe others can put them up along with this article too?

    TIA for any help with this....

    Let's do some damage to this "ever-so-image-conscious" CULT!

  • loosie

    "The beatings will continue until morale improves"... Dilbert

  • hartstrings

    Btttt.............very exciting stuff here!

  • james_woods

    More and more similar to the Scientologists...

    They both knock down websites they don't like- and the Scientologists recently bluffed Viacom into pulling a South Park episode day before yesterday because it made fun of Cruise and Travolta, and the whole Scientogy schtick. Funny, I didn't see much coverage on this in the mainstream media. Nor very much from the press on the recent Watchtower boners, either.

    My friend exScientologist (who still thinks he is an operating thetan, but that the org all went to hell after Lafyette Ron Hubbard) actually went to the trouble to find a copy of that SouthPark "Out of the closet" from last Wednesday on the Internet. If you can find one, do so - this is priceless stuff on a very dangerous cult; very funny too...!

    He then went on to bitch about it all through lunch because the Souh Park writers did not get the jargon just the way he wanted. At least these websites were just using a fair use of actual quotations from the WT!

    I pointed out that Bill Clinton and George Bush probably didn't like all those Saturday Night skits, either - but if you stick yourself in a public position and get caught in a ridiculous situation, a good send-up or satire is pretty much par for the course.

    Even the Pope in Rome had to put up with father Guido Sarducci -


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