Floppy 2005 WT Bound Volume

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  • stillajwexelder

    Well I have finally got my 2005 Watchtower Bound Volume (not the Awake just yet) and it is very thin flimsy plastic covered paper - really weird after about over 100 years of hardback bound volumes. Talk about saving money - for a reference book I would say this is a step too far -what next - the Insight books in paperback?

  • blondie

    Could be, but I don't think they have as great a demand for them, Stilla. Unless they revise them....isn't the info on the Sodom & Gomorrah resurrection inaccurate?

  • EAGLE-1

    or what the governing body has in its head on a postage stamp

  • stillajwexelder

    isn't the info on the Sodom & Gomorrah resurrection inaccurate? Truth is Blondie , with them keep changing their minds - sorry with the light getting brighter and brighter, as soon as a publication is released it is out of date


    So I understand that in the US the 2005 WT Bound volume is the first with a softcover?

    Here in the netherlands the WT and Awake bound volumes are published in softcovers for several years already.

  • TheListener

    The insight books are out of date.

    With the cd rom coming out every year now I don't see the need for a encyclopedia like the insight books.

    If the friends have a question about any subject they just type it into the search function of the cdrom and look at the most currend article, regardless of which publication it is from, and follow its advice. In the old days they would get out the insight books and follow whatever they said.

    Actually, the cd rom may make it easier for the society to change their light regularly because the friends don't research too much past the most current understanding on any particular subject. If the most current light is in a 2004 WT that is as far as most dubs are going to check. The light could have changed once a year from 2000-2004 but most dubs wouldn't even know it.

  • stillajwexelder

    Still can not get used to it -woke up this morning and soft cover - definitely on a money saving binge arent they?

  • TheListener

    Now the dubs will have to buy the official WTS bookends. The old bound volumes used to stand by themselves on the shelf. Now they sag over and lean.


    They really are cutting costs down aren't they. I've seen the new vol though I havent ordered one for yrs. If you have the CDROM why bother and CD's cost like 30 cents to make.

  • peacefulpete

    I thought they announced a while back that they were not going to print bound volumes anymore?

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