Laundry Question: Suede

by AudeSapere 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • AudeSapere

    I *know* someone here must know the answer this question...

    How do you get butter out of suede (without paying $40 to the dry cleaners)???



  • misspeaches

    Aude I just found this tip that might help you...

    Try corn starch by eHow Friend
    For grease or salad dressing stains: Before it sets, lightly pour a good amount of corn starch onto the stain and let set for at least an hour. Gently rub off the powder with a soft cloth or clean towel. This usually dissolves grease if you catch it early.
  • damselfly


    Number 6 on the list, butter on suede shoes.

    Maybe try blotting with the cornstarch first.


  • AudeSapere


    No cornstarch in the house. Do you think talc (baby powder) will work just the same?

    Can't hurt. Can it??


  • stillajwexelder

    alcohol - vodka is best - clean spirit

  • LDH

    I've also heard that rubbing oil spots with corn meal will do the trick.

  • AudeSapere
    Stilla wrote: alcohol - vodka is best - clean spirit


    I'm not sure if you are being serious...

    I thought they were talking about 'rubbing alcohol' - which I can't find right now. I can find the vodka easily.

    You're joking about using vodka to clean suede, right??


  • stillajwexelder

    No I am serious alCohol is quite a good solvent for oils and fats and is not to harsh on the suede - pure alcohol is best but a clean spirit such as vodka is next best

  • AudeSapere


    Thanks for the advice, everyone.

    I moved recently and the rubbing alcohol is still in a box somewhere in the garage, the cornmeal got tossed out and I have a small container of baby powder.

    But - I still know exactly where my vodka is! (UN-opened, of course... )


  • alamb

    There is some cool stuff called "Thoro" in the grocery store that's only about a buck a bottle and it's like dry cleaning fluid. Read the bottle though. I haven't taken anything to the dry cleaner in years after finding this stuff.

    I once had a can of pop spill on a suede purse and out of desperation threw it in the washer on cold. It worked fine. It looked better than before and I just brushed it with a toothbrush a little to pep it up.

    After that I washed a suede skirt I have that I wear to Rendevous (Cowboy, Indian, authentic dress camp outs) and it turned out alright too.

    Good Luck! If all else fails drink the vodka and you'll forget about the stain.

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