HaPpY sT pAtRiCkS dAy!

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  • ballistic

    I can't believe it. A post about st Patricks Day and no mention of real Irish beer\stout:

    I'll be having a few tomorrow night.

  • JH

    Black beer....ewwww

  • Carmel

    Happy Ides of March,,belated!

  • delilah

    Sorry 'bout my previous post.Thanks for the help.

  • TresHappy

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

    From County Tyrone - may you all drink to the bone!

  • wanda


    Patrick was born to a rich family in England which was then occupied
    by the Roman army. His family may have been Celtic or possibly
    Anglo-Saxon, the Anglo-Saxons being Germans who had once invaded
    England, driving out the Celts.

    While a child Gael invaders from Ireland captured and took him to be
    a slave in Ireland where he was a shepherd for six years. He prayed
    increasingly then one day felt God call him to flee over bog and
    mountains to the coast where he escaped in a ship to England.

    He and the men with him often almost died of starvation but when he
    prayed a herd of wild pigs appeared for them to eat. Later he
    dreamed a man came and begged him to return to Ireland to convert
    the people from the Druid religion to Christianity.

    In Ireland Patrick traveled village to village preaching, often in
    dangerous circumstances. He founded numerous Christian churches,
    schools and a college.

    Since the Druids were sun worshippers he put a sun on his cross
    symbol so that they were more comfortable about using it. His use
    of bonfires for Easter surplanted the previous Druid usage of such
    fires. A legend possibly true is that when people asked him to
    explain the Trinity belief, he picked up a piece of clover and noted
    it had three totally different leafs and yet was one clover.

    These practical approaches and his knowledge from youth of the
    language and customs of the Irish people enabled him to convert the
    land to Christianity. Thereafter some of the new Irish converts
    felt inspired to go to other parts of Europe including Germany to
    make even more new Christians.

    As an old man Patrick wrote his memoirs in a book called
    Confessions. It is factual and claims no special miracles such as
    many legends claim for him.

    The Irish have long celebrated a holiday in his memory. Today in
    some lands such as the USA, however, St. Patrick's Day is more a
    secular day for the celebrating of ethnic diversity in general.

  • delilah

    My friend sent this to me today,along with other Irish sayings:

    "May your arse be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows your dead". I thought it was cute.

  • ballistic

    Going out for a quiet pint or three with a mate tonight, will definately be drinking the black stuff.

  • schne_belly

    Mr. Schnes name is "Patrick".... this is the best holiday!


  • LDH

    To you too!

    I would like to tell you all about the 4-year old's classroom this morning at Pre-k.

    One of the teachers took two hours last night "destroying" the room in Leprechaun fashion. She had a 'crime scene' where Mr. Leprechaun had knocked over green paint and 'walked' through it (she used plastic doll feet.). He also sprinkled gold dust everywhere.

    Let me tell you, that Leprechaun made a right mess. There were footprints everywhere! He made a mess with the toilet paper (a big no-no in Pre-K), tore a page out of a book, dumped out the teacher's drawer, and walked on the tables.

    I have seen a lot of holiday decorating, but I can tell you in 37 years I've never seen anything like it. The children were fit to be tied! You know how kids love to tattle; they were all so angry at Mr. Leprechaun.

    It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I would give anything to have had my camcorder or even camera. I may just have to go back and take photos of the crime scene.


    Four Leaf Clover Class

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