How many partook in 1935?--BIG discrepancy in the WTS numbers

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  • james_woods

    Hi runningman!

    There is this other (overlapping subject) thread on How Many of the 144,000 are left where Nathan Natas put a similar graph with blowup details...He and I had a notion that it would be interesting to do a comparitive actuarail graph on WW1 veterans. The contention was that it would look way different from the "partakers" graphics.

    I am with you - either they are 99% bogus partakers by now, or almost every one for the past 50 years died in sin.

    Do you still have a way to do an actuarial curve? Or, maybe - a link where such is available?


  • RunningMan

    I have it in a spreadsheet. It could easily be graphed to show the expected mortality vs actual population since 1970. I can email it over if you like.

  • james_woods

    Thanks, runningman - if it is an excel format I can use it. Will give PM with an address.

    Isn't this a fascinating topic? - The elders who called on me to fake up a JC committee when I quit told me I was the great false prophet!

    The reason? Because I suggested to them that IMO there would not be any armaggedon anytime soon and that they would eventually have to eat their words on the generation alive and able to understand events in 1914. HaHa - look who blinked on "generation" ten years ago.

    Of course, the one witness young enough to hear that exchange and still alive now would deny everything.

    Thanks, James

  • RunningMan
  • RunningMan

    Let's see if I can make it a little bigger.

  • heathen

    I think the WTBTS missed the mark --- REV 14:4-5 I would exclude women for one thing .

  • M.J.

    From your graph, Running Man, looks like there really should be only a handful of anointed left today. Did you use the same statistical models used by insurance companies to calculate mortality rates?

  • daniel-p

    This is hilarious. It would be great to have a larger pdf file of that, if possible. Anyone know the last time the 1935 rule was mentioned?

  • RunningMan

    Yes, specifically, I used the gam71 actuarial table. There are more recent ones, however, this one would have been valid for the period analyzed. Also, I melded the male and female rates, assuming equal quantities of both.

  • gumby

    You buncha knucklheads...doncha know the sealing ain't complete yet? There's still some of the annointed that need to be tried and tested yet.


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