Are JW taking advantage of so called "worldly" people?

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  • Truthissimple

    I hope this is not offensive in anyway, but i have a freind whos JW and i have an idea of the concept of "worldly" people, this may sound stupid but i personally think that they "use" or take advantage of the worldly system of things. Not that i am a JW or have been one to know how it works, or what they are permitted to do. But here is my question. If the worldly system is so evil why use its facilites, objects and enjoy its creativity?

    This is why i think this. My freinds parents and siblings condemn worldy people yet they use all the things that worldly people create, . For e.g they drive a car created by a multi billion dollar corporation and im sure that the car doesnt have JW engines in them, but the other thing is, its not just a plain old car its a fine car, a very classy car in fact, so why is that allowed by the WT? to enjoy such worldly items, created by men who spend hours designing, buiding and manufacturing instead of witnessing and going to meetings.

    Another e.g is music my friends family loves to listen to todays music, and how can they enjoy something created by a "worldly" artist when they condemn everything about the worldly system. Yet this artist is using the gift God gave him to his full potential, spending hours on lyrics and music scores to let thousands if not millions of people hear, enjoy and share in this talent that God had given him.But he still wont have eternal life according to them so why enjoy the music this person creates.

    I know i may be ignorant on this topic or one sided but this is how i feel, it would be like me having a friend that i only called to use his skills but disliked him every other day of the week.

    So what id like to know is, am i looking at this from the wrong angle? or dont know enough about the WT to understand? or is this how it is?

  • dozy

    I don't think witnesses condemn "worldly people" as such , but they do try to live in harmony with John 17 - being "in the world but no part of it". Any criticism applies to worldly conduct & values rather than the commercial system.

    I know witnesses who design & build cars (quite a few work at the giant Nissan plant in NE England , for example) and many are musicians or singers (some quite high profile -George Benson / Shadows etc). Even those who wash windows or clean toilets have a stake in society & are performing a useful service , to the benefit of their fellowman.

  • Gill

    But there is the illusion and connundrum that is the WTBTS.

    It condemns the things of the world as 'passing away' yet it collects the things of the world. The WTBTS collects money, land, shares, and likes to be named as beneficiary in the wills of JWs, who themselves hope to be buying a stake in the New System of things that the WTBTS tells them is coming.

    'The World is Bad and Passing Away!' The WTBTS proclaims. 'You don't need the weath of this system of things, a good education, a pension, because you need to store your treasures in 'Heaven' (AKA the bank accounts of the WTBTS).'

    So, the Governing Body live in comfortable,bordering on luxurious surroudings. They don't have to worry about their next bill, their next meal etc. The technology is provided by 'the people of the world' who work hard to use their brains and skills to produce these things. The Watchtower drones, may work at putting these things together, but very few, born in JWs have the brains and education to pursue technology, education.....even their own dreams.

    So, the Watchtower DOES take advantage of the People of the World but it also takes advantage of its slaves and prisoners, those who are already JWs. From them it steals their dreams, aspirations, hopes, sometimes even their health and their lives.

  • carla

    I agree with you. I always felt they used and abused the system. That is one reason I began donating blood again, to make up for all the blood jw's use up by 'not taking blood'! They do take blood, you just have to take it all apart first. But they don't donate themselves. They just use up the supply and claim they are so holy by not taking it.

    Who do they call when their house has been broken into or is on fire? The worldly cops and firemen. For a long time they did not allow their members to be either of these proffesions and I have heard of some who had to quit when they became jw's. They do not contribute to society as other churches do (feeding the poor, housing the poor, helping widows & orphans, etc..) yet they claim non profit status and do not pay taxes. So what do they consider 'charitable' works? Polluting the world with their magazines and depleting the forests to make more of the rags.They have claimed to be a 'cultural' organization rather than a religious one in Mexico because then they could hang onto the land. Most churches preferred to honor God and pray and sing even if the government said churches could not own their land at that time.

    My list of how they use and abuse the communites in which they live could go on, but you get the idea.

  • greendawn

    Their concept that the world is totally evil and has nothing good to offer is false and very far removed from reality, they are obsessed with this idea because they desperately want to see the end of the world coming soon and if there is nothing good in the world then there don't have to be any delays. They are in a big rash to separate the sheep and the goats (as if they have been called to this task!!!).

  • Honesty

    Why shouldn't the JW's take advantage of 'worldly people'?

    After all, the majority of them are spiritual whores anyway for replacing Jesus with the Governing Body as their mediator and mentor.

  • greendawn

    If only the worldly governments were to threaten to remove their charity status that would force them to reconsider things and begin to be charitable towards their own members at least, that would make them more sound spiritually.

    But they are having it really good in the civilised, decent, personal freedom respecting, western world.

  • ferret

    Welcome to the board Truthissimple

  • Legolas

    Don't forget how they LOVE to use the legal system if it is to their advantage...BUT....anyone who was molested is told NOT to go to the authorities.

    Welcome to the board!

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    What about food? I have heard of witnesses going to various corporate restaurants and eating. I also know of witnesses that buy, clothes and wear them. Just kidding with you truthissimple. On the real tho I know of a lot of witnesses who take advantage of worldly people, as they say, by using them for various perks and freebies they can get, but in any other social settings they will not be seen with these people. To me this is vary two faced, they use people for freebies but wont give them the time of day.

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