Can you pick out the Jaracz men? Why do you say so?

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  • greendawn

    Ferret and Cellist, I also have hunches from time to time that the WTS is heavily influenced by Judeo-masonry, that it is one of their front organisations and that they take in part of its profits.

    Russell was hand in glove with the Judeo masons and it is highly probable that they secretly funded the take off of his Watchtower corporation and just as likely they funded the tremendous expansion of this org after the second world war, under Knorr. They probably didn't get on well with Rutherford after he tried to appease Hitler in the early thirties or perhaps he was just putting up a show to save the dubs in Germany. Hitler wasn't impressed anyway.

    However such funding obviously incurs obligations and the price was a substantial Judaic influence on the org something that everyone but the naive fail to detect. We have the Jewish god jehovah at the centre of everything while the Christ was relegated to the margins mentioned occasionally just for show. Even worse virtually all JWs refuse to participate in the New Covenent.

    Now if that's not the influence of an antichrist Judaic finger I don't what it is.

    This Govering Body of Elders seems to be much like most other Elder bodies.

    I think this is a fair statement and if thats the case than JWs should have even less respect for the direction that they provide. Politics, politics, POLITICS. They are all influenced by Jaracz of he is indeed as powerful as we all make him out to be since as already noted by IPSEC other BOE's function just like this, PO or another influential elder or two call the shots and the rest just sit idly by and do not dispute primarily because they dont want the hassle it will bring but also because they are afraid of the reprecussions.

    The elder arrangement, including the GB, is far from a christian arrangement... at least the people on them dont usually behave like christians ought to anyway.

  • TheListener

    I spent some time poking around Ray Franz’s books and found some of the following information regarding the governing body members. Of course, the newest members aren’t discussed but I believe if they’ve been under the service department which is run by TJ and they’ve been appointed to the GB then it’s a safe bet that they’ll agree with him on most things.

    From CoC pages 387-388, “For nearly two decades, those collectively exercising the most powerful influence among the members of the Governing Body, have been Milton Henschel, Ted Jaracz and Lloyd Barry.” Footnote from page 388 “9 During my nine years on the Body it was unusual if anything these three members combined in favoring were not supported by sufficient members to control the result of a vote. Their positions were almost always unquestioningly supported by members Barr, Barber, Booth, Gangas, and Poetzinger. Lyman Swingle’s voice was always heard with respect and certainly carried considerable weight. Yet when issues arose, his viewpoint and position were often overruled if they did not coincide with that of the three members mentioned. Dan Sydlik at times showed a willingness to favor a position other than the traditional one, but his voice did not carry the same weight as that of the three mentioned, or, for that matter, of Lyman Swingle.”


    From ISOCF pg.221 “Carey Barber spoke of the attitude of the elders who questioned the scriptural basis for the door-to-door work, saying that they ‘evidently do not feel it necessary to be zealous in this work.’ He referred to Acts 20:21 as showing that Paul had talked to persons about “repentance,” arguing that this indicated that his house-to-house work (referred to in verse 20) was done among strangers, not disciples.


    From ISOCF pg. 182, discussing writing Bible commentaries, “For some reason certain members seemed to view it as a risky undertaking, and voiced strong reservations or negative feelings toward the project.” Footnote on page 182 discussing who was against preparing the book Commentary on the letter of James, “2 Among these were Milton Henschel, Ted Jaracz, Karl Klein and Fred Franz.”

    From ISOCF pg. 239, discussing the publication entitled Pay Attention to Yourselves and All the Flock the footnote says this “7 This textbook was prepared under the direction of the Teaching Committee of the Governing Body. Among its members then were Albert Schroeder, Karl Klein, Leo Greenlees, Ted Jaracz.”

    From ISOCF on pgs. 266-269 Alternative Service is discussed. Ted Jaracz is shown arguing for the existing stand that denies publishers the opportunity to avail themselves of non-military alternative service. When the actual governing body vote is taken he abstains. The five GB members voting against removing the alternative service restrictions were Carey Barber, Fred Franz, Milton Henschel, William Jackson and Karl Klein.

    From CoC pg. 250 discussing the organization acknowledging the 1975 mistake, “In 1977, the subject again surfaced in a session. Though the same objections were raised, a motion passed that a statement should be included in a convention talk that Lloyd Barry was assigned to prepare. I understand that afterward Governing Body members Ted Jaracz and Milton Henschel talked with Lloyd about their feelings on the matter. Whatever the case, when the talk was prepared, no mention of 1975 was included. I recall asking Lloyd about this and his reply was that he had just not been able to make it fit in with his subject.”

    Dan Sydlik

    From CoC pg. 135 discussing alternative service. It shows that Dan Sydlik voted for relaxing the rules and allowing non-military alternative service. This vote was against Jaracz’ expressed opinion although Jaracz abstained from voting.

  • Cellist

    Greendawn - I was thinking more along the lines of an internal source of control.

    I agree with Blondie that any appointed since 2000 are likely to be "Jaracz" men.


  • metatron

    Behind the scenes, there were rumors before 9/11 that the organization was going to reform everything and soften the harshness

    of their policies. After 9/11, this all got ruined as fanatical belief in "Armageddon Soon!" resurfaced.

    Jaracz is a cold hearted Nazi concerned with maintaining control and power and preserving the organization' s facade

    of righteousness.

    In a twisted sense, he is the answer to the prayers of apostates because his egotism and ruthless attitude will ultimately

    ruin the Watchtower Society.

    In the history of World War II, it is known that the British stopped clandestine attempts to assassinate Hitler, late in the war,

    because they recognized that he was damaging his own war effort and his loss might bring to power others with better judgement.

    I'd say that applies to Jaracz. As Jesus put it, "what you are doing, get done more quickly". Godspeed to his ruination

    of this unloving cult. He's doing our job for us. The recent Bethel layoffs are but one example.


  • TheListener

    Right on metatron. (heheh - that rhymes)

    Also, someone said "the stronger the hand grips the sand, the faster it slips away." I believe this is true and applies to the witnesses.

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