Need some help with questions from my dad....(607 stuff)

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  • freedomlover

    thanks so much for all the help you guys, and gals!

    lots to sort through and pick what to send him. I am not trying to send a ton of info. only what he asks for. People have to figure this stuff out for themselves. It's the only way to fully convince yourself.

    thanks again - all the PM's were great and very helpful!


  • Hellrider

    What really blew my mind on this issue, was when I read a post by Alan F, in which he explained how the 539-date was a derived date. It was not just a "pivotal" date/starting date that was "a sure thing", and then one could count back 70 years from 537 (as it might have taken the Israelites a couple of years to make their way home), it was a date derived from historical events that happened earlier, such as the dates AuldSoul mentioned. And that makes it logically impossible to use the derived date 539 to establish a chronology, when the (desired) chronology would then place the historical events that were the actual starting points/pivotal points (such as the events of 609 and 597) as 20 years earlier than when they happened! It`s like saying that if you count from 5 to 10, you will have to add 5 numbers, but then you can count back 7 numbers and still get back to 5. It`s a interesting trick by the WTS, because not only is it a lie (lies can be covered up and presented in way that would make them seemingly true), but it is a mathematical/logical impossibility! Tell your dad this.

  • freedomlover

    thank you hellrider, do you know where I can find that essay by Alan F?

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    I usually find all his essays here:

    many other good reads as well.

    good Luck

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  • Narkissos
  • Mrs.Congeniality

    Hello, I just read your post and I actually wrote a post yesterday on this very subject. It is under bible research just like your but it is on page 241 the 7th post down. Titled easy math for 586/587. I broke down the years of reign for each king. I hope this helps I know it has for my family.

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