WATCHTOWER and AWAKE magazines

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  • sir82
    I skim through the mags even to this day. The strategy that I use for the WT is to look at the two study articles. The first study article is usually the set-up article. The second article contains the WT counsel for th R&F. I get a general ideal of the articles and then look at the paragraph about two-thirds into the second article. That paragraph contains the "zinger," or the reason why the articles were written. I then know what the R&F can and can't do.

    Zing! Exactly. This is my method to a tee. In 30 seconds, you know exactly what message the GB wants to send.

    2 hours of Watchtower study fluff, to get to a point which could be made in about 10 seconds. "Intellectual novacaine" is right!

  • NewYork44M

    When I actually cared what went on at the meetings it would drive me crazy that the WT conducter did not understand the "real" reason why the articles are written. They would get bogged down on the first two or three intro paragraphs and because of running short on time skim through the paragraphs that were important (or seemed important for me at the time).

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