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  • hartstrings

    I was reviewing some ex-Scientology sites and on one site they have a "morgue." In it, they give the names of all the people who have died due to Scientology. It made me think that it would be neat if we could set up a "In memorium" board for all those who have lost their life due to JWs screwed up policies - blood, organ failure, suicide, etc. It would be a neat fund-raiser. We could either just list them and their story or could go further by setting a virtual Hall of Memory. It may help those who come here to see that their are lives lost due to following the oscilating "rules" of this org.

    HS {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Hugs to all those who have lost loved ones because of this vicious cult)))))))))))))))))

  • greendawn

    That would be a great idea when we add up all the victims of this cult that died due to the transfusion ban and from suicide due to depressiion from JW shunning they will surely be many more than those that Jim Jones killed in Guyana, no need for Kool aid and cyanide with the dubs.

  • misspeaches

    I think that is a great idea to. Maybe someone who has an exJW site already operating would be able to take this on board.

  • AudeSapere

    I saw a list like this about a year ago.

    Not sure if it was actually on this board or if it was a post that provided a link there.

    I like the idea. Alot.


  • likeabird

    Anyone know if anything like this was ever done?

    For it to work, would have to have some anonymous way to add names like an open page Google Drive document.

    If it hasn't been done, would anyone be interested in starting a memory page up which we could later turn into something bigger if there was enough interest?

  • villagegirl

    I have a TRUE Christian Science, story.

    In my youth,at 19, I was a Hairdresser, went to the one year beauty school thing.

    The owner of the salon I worked at was a Christian Scientist.

    They have "Practioners" which is their replacement for actual Doctors.

    Their belief is that all "pain" is an allusion, well that everything is an allusion.

    They teach that the "mist" that went up from the earth described in Genesis,

    to water the earth before the flood, symbolized "mysticism" ( yeah I had a giggle too )

    But I did not like the idea a religious "Practioner" was collecting $$$ to "treat" people in pain

    and telling them there was no such thing as pain.

    So this old, woman Practioner comes in to have her hair done once a week,

    she sweats, uses tons of hair spray and never washes her hair during the week and

    sometimes not for weeks, it stinks and she has dandruff.

    This day I am asked to do her hair. I resist, then I give in and do it.

    When I am shampooing her hair I tell her I can stop the itching on her scalp by giving

    her a Sea-Breeze dandruff dreatment ( which is mainly alcohol )

    You are supposed to dilute it, but, I deliberately poured it on straight, knowing

    it would burn like FIRE on her irritated scalp. It did.

    She was furious, I almost got fired and I told the Christian Scientist owner,

    "Well may be next time someone says they are in PAIN she will believe them. "

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  • Heaven

    I can add my cousin's name to that list.

  • rebel8

    AJWRB used to have one...

  • likeabird

    I just had a look on their site rebel8, but they don't seem to have it anymore. It's a shame.

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