Had to spew on C.O. Bennett

by james_woods 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • james_woods

    LDH, I have a little better sense of humor than Sir Dianetics Thetan Isaac Hayes. Trust me on this. I thought it was funny.

    Besides, I heard the poor guy had passed and noticed that nothing happened when we all trashed over the GREAT Albert Schroeder.

    BTW, I did a follow up this AM on that memorial service I did that he went ballistic with me over, but I messed up the subject and got it under child abuse. It was "Ides of March - My Last Memorial -" One of the locals told me that they put guards at the door to keep me out of the following memorial - YESSS!!!

    Also, GermanXJW - I made my bible dinosaur into a Godzilly with non-authentic backbone spikes and atomic fire breath. But I still don't think these things died so we would have high octane for our Porsches. Your point is good, though - maybe Bennett got his fantasy from that illustration. I still don't remember seeing the idea in print at all.


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