Had to spew on C.O. Bennett

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  • james_woods

    I know, made my own thread from the discouraged C.O. / but I saw it needed some editing.

    Little Circuit Overseer Bennett! -

    I am not sure but this may be a guy that I crossed swords with in about 1980 or 1981 when I left. I saw that Balsam, VirgoChik, No Apologies, and Pistoff all mention him with details that I remember except I can't recall him being British.

    Lets see if it is possible: I think he was C.O. or maybe about to be brand new D.O. in 1980 in Oklahoma City. Little short shrimp of a guy. Kind of effeminate if might say, but very bossy. Made a big deal about being a vegetarian. He would have been late 30's or so back then.

    If it is not the same guy, I apologize - but my C.O. guy (and he really was named Bennett) did the following in just one visit-

    1. This was the idiot that made the statement that God's purpose for the Dinosaurs was to produce the oil reserves. I called him out on it in the elders meeting afterward and he defended his position by pointing out that Sinclair Oil had a big green Dinosaur on their company logo. No Joke!!! He really thought oil was squished down Dinosaur goo. Not to my knowledge society stuff, he just made it up. In the same talk he also went way off the deep end about hypoglycemia for kids (no sugarbars or drinks!) and advocated all of us to follow his lead as a vegan! WTF? Asked him about that too, and he just said he felt very strongly about those issues and needed to say so for our own good.

    2. Same Visit - Some of the early twenties (jkw) kids got caught by him and the D.O. in the bar in a Steak and Ale during the visit. The elders got a royal upbraiding about how they were partying in there and having drinks.! So, being the young cool elder with a sports car, I got the young guys off to the side for a little heads up before they were to get their butts chewed upon. Question came up, how did they find you in the bar? Well, turns out that the D.O. and wifey + C.O. Bennett and wifey as a foursome were also in that bar having drinkies!!. Now, an interesting legality was that in Oklahoma at the time we did not technically have liquor by the drink. (but it was usually ignored by the authorities) So all of them, including D.O. and C.O, were kind of breaking the law. Dear Brother Bennet, the health freak, cleared HIMSELF of it by claiming that D.O. + wife, plus his own wife were in fact drinkiing alcohol but did not know there was a law. He, of the super-health movement, only had Tomatoe Juice that just looked like a bloody mary. Needless to say, the kids skated on this and he had to apologise to none other than Marion Dunlap and the other city elders!

    3. Same Visit - Bennett knows that young elder Mr. Woods has about had it with the WT Society and with him. Just sensed it, I guess. I got a little personal counseling session over the way I had conducted the previous memorial. (more on that next month) He wanted to know what was wrong with my attitude. I made the the statement that I had come to recognize the society as being quite "monolithic"...exact word. Bennett did not know what monolithic meant. I kid you not. I am getting the "near apostocy" lecture and had to define this word for him. I resigned as an elder on the spot. Needless to say, this was the last circuit overseer visit that I put myself through during the vanishing.

    I really kind of think this was your same Bennett, ladies and gentlemen!

    James - who got into that sports car the day after and took a road trip up into Colorado.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    James, I remember this one as well.

    I thought he was a vegan because he was a diabetic. At least that is what I remember.

    I remember at a District Convention, in one of those "personal experience" testimonials, he said his mama told him that the way to find a good wife was to ask the likely candidate, "Will you Pioneer with me?"

    I remember that he did like to watch science fiction, and in service with him, we talked about "Battlestar Galactica" (the old, crummy one, not the cool new series playing now). He thought that the show was written by Mormons, because he noticed the use of Mormon terms and ideologies.

    I never saw the dark side of these guys when I was a kid, so I really don't have any animosity towards him in my memories. I thought he was one of the more approachable CO's when I was a kid.

    Who was that DO, by the way. I think I remember him, but I'm not sure.

    Oh, and which CO was the one that got called away in mid visit because of his own Judicial Committee for adultery? I never did figure that one out...

  • Odrade

    I remember that C.O., except he was a D.O. by the time we got him I believe. When he would get really excited he'd squeal like a piggy. (Or like Tom Cruise. And it seemed like he was always excited about something. I remember one time we had an assembly demonstration with him, and we changed a couple of minor details to make it more realistic and relevant. The C.O. at the time knew our family quite well, and thought the changes very appropriate, but D.O. Bennett went into squeal mode and told us that "if word got out about these changes in the program Brookly would nail my ears to the wall! NAIL MY EARS TO THE WALL!!!" LOL! We did end up keeping the changes.
    He met his wife when she was quite young (15? 16?) by hiding the bread under the table at an assembly so she'd have to keep coming back to replenish the bread at his table. Yeah, he was an odd one.

  • james_woods

    So, I guess concensus is building that my Bennett is also the Bennett of Oldrade, the CaptainS,Pistoff, No Apologies, VirgoChik, and Balsam.

    LOL Oldrade - squealed like a piggy! I think miss breadcrumbs had him pretty well whipped over, too.

    Great the way he was able to touch so many in such a positive way.

  • GermanXJW

    Have you never noticed the dinosaur in the green Bible producing oil?

  • Emma

    Is this Dennis and Vanita? They were my co and wife when I was young and pioneering and we all really liked them. Maybe it's not the same pair. He was British or Scottish or something, still had a slight accent. Vanita was younger than him and liked to work with the younger people. They left the traveling work for a while to care for his elderly father and I always wondered what happened to them. Vanita wasn't quiet or mousy, didn't seem subdued by him. I wonder if it's the same couple and what happened to change things if so.


  • Virgochik

    Yes, Emma, that's the one I remember, Dennis Bennett from the UK! You remember him too? And Vanita or Benita or Vanessa, whatever, was his wife's name. I was just a child when we had him in Indiana, but he really stressed everyone out, I do remember that!

    He was so fussy about his tea, and what he would or would not eat.

    Some referred to him as a pompous little rooster!

  • LDH

    I'm just checking to make sure you had permission, signed and in triplicate, before posting this person's name?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    My sister drew a lawnmower in front of that same dinosaur when we were kids. I can still see that dinosaur pushing that lawnmower across mesopotamia or wherever!


  • LDH


    PS, James, you know I was kidding, yes?

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