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  • blondie

    I felt I would. I grew up in an abusive home. I guess it could have gone two ways, I could have thought that God confirmed my parents opinion of me or that he did not support their thinking because it did not agree with my understanding of the scriptures. That is partly why I stayed with the organization as long as I did because there was less abuse than at home and that I believed that God did not support the abuse of my parents and later the abuse at the KH. Now I know that God has nothing to do with what happens in the WTS.


  • geevee

    So we all felt that we were dead meat....I used to have nightmares about judgement day and having to beg for my life. I also dream't about telling authorities where the JW's were when the persecution broke out....wonder if that was a vision!!
    It is a wonderful thing not to be concerned about an event that isn't gonna happen. What a waste of head time it all was.

  • geevee

    So the question begs to be asked of all JW's: Are you saved?

    Most can not answer in the affirmative. Yet they can jusge me as NOT being saved, because I dont go any more. And they can look at me with disdain and contempt. Like I am worthless trash and yet they are NOT yet saved!!

    How do you figure it out?

  • alamb

    I was certain I would not. Due to abuse as a 5 year old, I was sure if Jehovah didn't protect me from the people INSIDE the JW's then; he had no reason to protect me at Armageddon. I conducted Bible studies only because I believed that I would be able to help someone else and that would be my legacy, sort of speak.

  • damselfly

    No, I didn't think I would. As a young child I would have horrible nightmares, migraine headaches and began to have panic attacks combined with awful stomach pains after meeting nights when armaggeddon was discussed. When I got older I stopped believing or caring if I would make it.


  • Calliope

    in the beginning (when i was all of 10), i thought i was going to make it.

    then when i was a self-destructive teenager i came to the point where i really didn't care if i didn't make it. i wouldn't know or miss anything anyway.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    ya, same as calliope. when i was a kid, i thought i would make it for sure.

    and then i stopped caring, but still believed it was coming soon. i said to an elder once: "i really don't care if i make it or not. i just want it to come so badly."

    he said: "that's really not the right way to think on the matter."



  • MerryMagdalene

    I felt doomed from the time I was just a wee thing. I fantasized about the horrors of persecution. I had nightmares about armageddon.

    When I was very young, I put my trust in my Granddad rather than in God, so he was always the one who came to my rescue in my dreams, and he was the means of my survival.

    Then he died, a faithful dub, having believed most of his life that he would be one of those millions now living, etc. My grandmother also believed, not arrogantly but trustingly, that she would most assuredly survive. She lived past the age of 90 and then she died, hoping in the resurrection.

    I never believed I would...but I hoped hoped hoped...and tried tried tried...


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