NEW SYSTEM SCHOOL - Exclusively for Dubbite Kids

by AFRIKANMAN 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    Anyone heard of this Institution ? Has it been covered on the forum ?

    Exclusively for our Uber-Einsteins

  • jhine

    New one on me.


  • Nosferatu
    Do they use the Awake! as a textbook? If they do, they must be smarter than the average college graduate.
  • blondie

    Here are some comments from the past. I used "new system school" in the search above right.


    There is a huge trend my way to Home School which parents think will be the immunity from the world - well - staying with that analogy - Just as bringing up your young child in a Bacteria/ Virus free environment will make him a very sick child as he cannot develop his immunity, so too with schooling. Because at some point in the future he will have to face the "world" and he wont have the coping skills.

    I thought it must have been discussed here before - somehow I didn't pick it up when I searched !

  • jhine

    Very true , AFRIKANMAN


  • sir82

    Good lord, what a train wreck.

    Without exception, THE MOST messed-up, whacked-out, socially inept, unable to reason JWs I know were home-schooled.

    I thought there could not possibly be any way to more thoroughly condemn one's child to a life of misery & Prozac than to home-school in a JW environment.

    Now I stand corrected.

    Any kid unfortunate enough to "graduate" from a "school" such as that linked to above will have such an abysmal life that it frightens me to think of it. He/she would be better served by spending his youth working in a factory or a coal mine, a la 19th century Victorian England.

  • Vidiot
    Like the JW-dot-org pins and bumper stickers, the WTS's silence on this speaks volumes.
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    I know a kid who graduated from there. They basically rush you through the minimum required to get a HS diploma so you can pioneer at age 16 or whatever. It's so easy. He told me liked it because he didn't have to take hard courses like algebra (which is easy but whatever).

    Congrats on being uneducated I guess. Enjoy working for your dad the rest of your life.

  • hoser
    Home schooling is a waste of time. I know this from experience

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