Is wanting to be God like wanting to climb back into your mother?

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  • willy_think

    I’ll offer my opinion, if I may, but keep in mind I am not a "good Christian" or JW. I believe there is no god more often them I believe there is one and that can change back and forth many times even in the same day. (but wouldn't it be nice)

    Is the goal the beginning or the end?

    no, I don't think it is anything more then the journey as they say.

    Was our rebellion necessary like a mama bird kicking the babies out so they will learn to fly?

    no rebellion, we are as we were made to be. the story is about gaining the knowledge of good (gods will) and evil (disobeying god's will)

    Does God want us to be ambitious and intelligent?

    ambitious in our quest to love all. intelligent people do not have an easier time loving, forgiving, caring... there is no value in intelligent that I can see, at least to the individual.

    How could we ever be a threat when He knows all?

    We are no threat to anyone but ourselves.

    Does anyone know His real plans for us?

    the Farther, the word, and the holy sperit, were talking, telling jokes and lafing...the word said to the farther " hay! do you want to see somthing REALY funny?"

    just kidding he has no plans for us, that i know of. we are free to do what he can not, we are to grow, we can become more then we were. For me it is enough, be there a god or not.

  • GodisRight
    Satan was created by a God of love, wisdom and compasion, he is perfect unlike us and he chose his course in life through free will. This shows the erring nature off all of God's creations, even the book of revelation shows this for after the 'thousand years are ended' a great multitude will rise up that number like sands of the sea and will turn against God. This is after we are all perfect of course. Indeed, the theme of the bible seems to be our utter inability to ever please God.

    NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are still brainwashed with JW lies! I have read the book of revelations over a dozen times. It does NOT teach that mankind will achieve eternal life during or immediatly after thousand year period. Eternal life is a reward that is granted after mankind passes the final test. God will reward mankind with perfect bodies after the final judgement and after satan is destroyed in the lake of fire.

    Why would God reward people who never showed a desired to obey him with eternal life? Think about it!

  • cosmic

    DC, I agree, they should show the rest of us. Its interesting that most people apparently don't do it because they say, "Oh, that will never happen." Which it won't, know why? Because they said it wouldn't. My point is not that everyone should drop what their doing and hold hands and stuff, because that is a silly notion. My point was in reference to what you asked about God wanting us to have knowledge and progression and so forth, to become ever increasing entities. It cannot happen, will not happen, as long as there is one person who suffers an injustice.

    Do you realize that it costs about 3 million dollars a minute to advertise on the Superbowl? To do what? Sell cars? Financial planning? Soft drinks? Beer? Tacos? One has to admit, theres a lot of people being employed and fed and clothed and housed off of that 3 million bucks; but, please, tell me again how that is "progression"? Please, I'm really, really curious, how is the world one iota better because there is another Lexus in the midst of the afternoon traffic jam? I could tell you (but you already know) how the world is made just a little bit better when the six year-old in Sao Paulo is rescued from the spider hole in the city landfill that he calls home (because his parents literally threw him away when he was four, although he can barely recall it), and he is given the first full, healthy meal that he can remember in his life. Do you realize that there are TV stations in the mideast (primarily Iranian and Palestinian) that show commercials (Public Service Announcements, really) aimed at children 5-7 that extoll the virtues of a suicidal, martyr's death, for Islam? What the f*ck are we gonna do with these people in 10 years? But, look on the bright side by golly, we now know there is water on a moon of Saturn!

    Again, your question is legit and should be asked. Please, don't stop asking your questions, they make me think.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    LOL GodisRight,

    and *you*, my friend, are still blinded by christianity. hehe... wow, it's like saying: "no!! xian fundy group X is totally wrong on that point! xian fundy Y, that i happen to belong to, is right!".


    Was our rebellion nessesary like a mama bird kicking the babies out so they will learn to fly?

    Does God want us to be ambitious and intelligent?

    How could we ever be a threat when He knows all?

    THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA by Friedrich Nietzsche -- read it and weep.... ;)
  • DavidChristopher

    Could we want to be like our mothers...without actually wanting to be back inside our mothers?

    How does that work?


    I don't understand what you were trying to say. (And I am not drinking crown royal tonite either.)

    I missed two studies with the elders and they are calling me wanting me to come back in ASAP.

    What is up with that? I believe the one I have been sharing my questions with is one of the heads too.

    Perhaps there is hope for them after all.

    I asked him these questions above last night. I am sure I will have plenty more by sunday.

    Not too bad for the #1 "apostate" huh?

    Perhaps we gain a powerful ally, and access to the elders handbook? That could really help us help alot of people start thinking and searching.

    But history has shown me (watergate) (domestic spying) philosophy can be a dangerous, punishable thing when the wrong person seeks the truth about the wrong person(s).

    Any thoughts?

  • DavidChristopher

    Philosophy has no written boundries near as I can tell.

    It seems you push the envolope until you are punished. THEN you know you went too far. Is that the only way to establish "law" governing it?

    Without law there are no limits to speak of. IMO

    No warnings.

    No limits.

    No rules.

    Uncertain fate.

    The "black hole" of studies.

    Bring it.

  • Gregor

    Until you get past the whole concept of "GOD" you will remain in the K through 3 grades of awareness. You will keep trying to make GOD fit into what you see, learn about and experience in real life. This will lead to the well known condition of being either a perpetual "seeker of spiritual wisdom" like new agers, new Buddhists, etc. or a gullible "consumer of pat, prepackaged answers", like JW's, Catholics, Muslims, ad nauseum...

    The human arc of life from birth 'til death is no different than any other form of life, animal or vegetable -- birth, reproduction, death. All the stuff that happens during this cycle makes up our individual journeys. Enjoy it. This is it. If "you can't handle the truth" by all means jump into one of the above dilusions and knock yourself out. I couldn't give a shit less.

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