CO discusses: Higher Education, Baptism Nullification, No Sense of Urgency

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  • Gopher
    Some say, "When the end comes, it comes" speaking of Armageddon.

    Well, duh! The Watchtower themselves created a FALSE sense of urgency with the now-abandoned teaching that many who saw the year 1914 would also see the end.

    When they changed the "generation" doctrine in 1995, the doctrine became "whenever the end comes, THAT is the generation Jesus was talking about". So they're now blaming their followers for following their "whenever it comes, it comes" idea????

    Appointed men what can we do to maintain a sense of urgency? Preaching the good news zealously will help us keep a sense of urgency.

    In other words, if you go out and SAY it often enough, you'll still believe it. Obviously the WT society's command to carry on the door-to-door literature distribution work is all about keeping their people on a treadmill more than it is about convincing others that the end is near.

  • Balsam


    Thanks so much for that update. The discussion about baptism nullification is interesting. But they still didn't really give you any guildlines for Elders when someone presents one do they? I would think of a kid baptized as a child quit as soon as they leave home and quit meetings could still use this in all seriousness. Did you get that opinion from what was said. Now if the young person continued going after leaving home at 18 or later then possibly the Elders could dig their feet in on accepting the baptism nullification letters. How did you feel about this? Did you and any of the other Elders discuss this at all, what was their view point?


  • unique1

    They don't say anything about a person trying to nullify their baptism before doing something wrong. They don't have any proof I have done anything wrong just yet. They could get it easy enough. I sent my letter in before the elders caught me with anything. They have had the letter nearly three weeks and I haven't heard anything yet.

  • Balsam


    It may present another whole thing when no wrong doing is involved and a person just wishes to no longer be apart of the JW's. It will be interesting to see how it turns out for you.


  • doinmypart


    Sometimes the CO will paraphrase certain things on the outline and read other parts. Regarding the baptism section, he read that part slowly word-for-word. When he finished, I played the innocent role asking what to do if someone says their baptism wasn't valid OR presents a letter prior to the jc meeting (I was fishing for information). The CO just re-read the same paragraph. I suppose if/when someone presents the letter, the BOE is supposed to refer the person to the articles, and if necessary contact Legal Dept. That is the standard answer for most things nowadays.

  • zagor

    If their own education is so superior why are most JW so dumb?

  • serendipity

    HI doin, thanks for the info.

    I like this:

    Independent thinking manifests itself in being critical of the branch office, rather than trust in and be obedient to the GB and the ones they appoint. (Heb 13:7, 17)
    seems I can be critical of the elders without manifesting independent thinking.
  • daniel-p

    What if my Independent thinking is Dependent on the masses of Society publications in my conclusion that they are wrong? Am I still being independent? I am trully dependent on the word of the Society in coming to my conclusions.

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