7 Million?

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  • Nosferatu

    What was the increase last year? 1.6%? If they've increased 1.6% in the last few months, they would have to have 112000 more members to reach 7 million.

    Now. lets do the math....
    6.6 million + 112000 = 6,712,000

    Not bloody likely they reached 7 million (yet).

  • TheListener

    But to really count 7 million members they have to have a stable membership. The peak won't cut it. It has to be the average.

  • greendawn

    It's surprising that the JW mentality about the nearness of the end doesn't change even ten years after the change in the generation definition that deprived them of any "valid" reason to believe in a soon to be end. That makes it obvious that it is all the power of wishful thinking, and an illusion on their part.

    As for the blood changing someone's personality that is a wild story, blood is naturally changed every couple of moths by the body so it won't be long before the transfused blood is gone.

  • Gill

    james_woods - That's a really sad story! Did you ever manage to trace and find out what happened to this girl?

    I hope she escaped the JWs else I expect she must have had a sad ending to her story.

  • Gill

    As for 7 million - I don't believe it simply because the figures are now so fixed. Qualification for hours to be a publisher, an aux/reg pioneer have also changed - so it's impossible to compare like with like now.

  • james_woods

    Gill, thanks for the sympathy.

    No, I have no idea what happened to Sherry, even if she is still alive. This was a single parent (mom) family who kind of just showed up from out of town and then vanished just as fast. Like I say, haven't even seen or heard from since about 1969.

    The mom was not as bad as what you might take from that short account - she really took care of her as best she knew how. Probably there were some complications to that childhood disease, but she sure was better off alive than dead. I think it took place before mom was a witness and maybe she thought she was pleasing the JWs by repeating this story. At least they never claimed she had a demon!

    I just wanted to post on how stupid this blood personality thing was and how they should have been focusing on helping the teens to not show prejudice toward someone who was a little different.

    For what it is worth, the girl seemed fairly happy most of the time - it was just that she was never taken into the teen groups like she should have been. Teen cliques can be cruel, JW or not, and real elders or servants would be helping them with that instead of harping on blood.

    PS - maybe I should have put this on another thread, but the author triggered it because of the blood personality comment. I know the real point was mostly time of the end, but isn't it all kind of related? I.E. - that girl didn't need special ed or counseling because the end was so darn close...


  • RichieRich

    Anybody notice that Alaska, Hawaii and the USA was all listed seperately?

  • IP_SEC

    Hawaii and Alaska have their own branch offices.

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