7 Million?

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  • gringojj

    The preaching work must have really had an impact this month! My sister in law just told my wife that at this mornings meeting they said there are now 7 million witnesses worldwide! Wow!!!

    On a side note my mother in law was here today and she said the end is very close. When my wife asked her how close she said very. She couldnt give a date though.

    Also when the blood issue came up she said she refuses blood because it is so dangerous and the blood alternatives are so much safer. She went on to give several examples of how blood is unsafe....diseases, and she said when her friend had a transfusion many years ago she was never the same. She said maybe she took on some of the characteristics of the guy the blood came from. This was interesting on many levels. Number one because she assumed the blood had came from a guy. Number two because she thinks that a persons personality is in their blood. It was interesting because all she has to say is "I dont take blood because the bible says abstain from blood". But she never did she went on and on about the medical reasons.

    Anyways she finished it up by saying that blood alternitives are much safer but most doctors dont want to use them because its too much work.

    Thats all for now!

  • stillajwexelder

    well the official figures are 6.6 million moving fast towards 7 million

  • blondie
    said maybe she took on some of the characteristics of the guy the blood came from.

    An old teaching by the WTS when transfusions were a new medical procedure.


    w62 5/15 p. 302 The Faithful Creator ***

    Moreover, recent medical research has indicated in a realistic way how blood transfusions may damage the individual’s personality. According to one authority: "The blood in any person is in reality the person himself. It contains all the peculiarities of the individual from whence it comes. This includes hereditary taints, disease susceptibilities, poisons due to personal living, eating and drinking habits." Transfusing blood, then, may amount to transfusing tainted personality traits.

  • Finally-Free
    On a side note my mother in law was here today and she said the end is very close.

    Yeah, I've been hearing that for the last 30 years.


  • james_woods

    We had a case of what I would call extreme mental cruelty on this "blood screws up personality."

    Many years ago, in a congregation far far away, there was a young girl a couple of years younger than me. This girl kind of did not fit in socially, but she could read and write, etc. She was very pretty and always immaculately dressed. She also had some unusual personality traits; not crazy but just a little unusual.

    I you could think of that girl in "American Grafitti" that the Toad picked up in Richie's 58 Chevy you would have her spot on. Platinum blond early 60's hairdo, vintage clothes, and everything.

    Her mother made it a habit to tell everyone in sight that what was "wrong" with her was that she had to have a total body blood transfusion over some radiation thereapy or something when she was just a baby. She would do it while she was standing right there - just kind of "stage whisper" it load enough for everybody to hear. I know this helped to stigmatize her and I know it hurt her very much. At one point she decided she kind of "liked" me and I did not have very much to do with her because of the "weird" label and peer pressure.

    I have been ashamed of that for about 40 years now.


  • IP_SEC
    well the official figures are 6.6 million moving fast towards 7 million

    What??? They been in the 6 million range for the better part of a decade. What makes you think they are moving fast toward 7 million with growth rates of under 2%?

    Has there been a sudden upswing?

  • JH

    What does the 7 millionth JW win

  • Clam

    LOL @ JH -

    Can we trust the figures?

    I'm always suspicious of statistics. As someone once said " Some use statistics like Judge Ruthe drunks use lamp posts. More for support than illumination"

    Are the sources in question trustworthy?


  • itsallgoodnow

    "soon" was 2,000 years ago. I think it came and went and nothing happened, sorry!

  • TheListener

    From 1986 – 1990 (5 years) they were in the 3 millions.

    From 1991 – 1995 (5 years) they were in the 4 millions.

    From 1996 – 2001 (6 years) they were in the 5 millions.

    Since 2002 – present (4 years) they’ve reported in the 6 millions.

    The 2005 report showed only 6.4 million witnesses. After 4 reporting years in the 6 millions they would need to have much higher numbers or stronger growth rate to reach the 7 million mark anytime soon.

    My estimate, extrapolated from the historical growth data from 2001-2005, is that they will reach the 7 million mark by 2010 or 2011.

    If they achieve growth like they did in the 80s and 90s they could reach the 7 million mark by 2007.

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