The Sopranos

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  • rebel8

    Who is watching The Sopranos tonight?

    And for those of you who are--tell the truth--how many of you are eating Italian food for dinner, or will experience a sudden craving for it after watching tonight's episode?

    *off to make ricotta pie*

  • Elsewhere

    I'm afraid I'm hooked on Desperate Housewives.

  • rebel8

    I have never watched that but wish I did.

    1 hour 8 minutes until Sopranos. Trying to stay awake.

  • jonsey

    uncle Jun needs to be in that retirment home quick!


  • lilybird

    Just finished watching the new Soprano episode..Great surprise ending to this episode..I can't see them offing Tony this early in the season... can't wait until next week..more gratuituous violence!!!! lol

  • Thegoodgirl

    I'm a huge fan of the show. Okay, so what did you think of this week? I kind of like these odd "dream" shows, where half of the show is a dream of Tony's.

    I just have no idea where they will go with the show from here. If you saw the previews for next week, they tell Carmella that she needs to lower her expectations of Tony's outcome. The whole show is about him, where can they go from here?

  • undercover

    Tony will recover, but it will be a slow process. During his recovery, the three stooges(Paulie, Christopher and fatso who became a major player somehow during hiatus) will have a power struggle, with Silvio trying to hold things together. This will be their undoing. As they start to screw up more and more, pissing off Johnny Sack(in jail) and his right hand man, the New York family will implicate them in a lot of their own crimes and by series end, all of our major players will be sentanced anywhere from 20 years to life for various crimes from as small as tax evasion to conspiracty to commit murder, thus ending the show. Of course, there will be some hits and arrests in between time just to keep us tuning in.

  • Princess

    Last night's episode was a giant snooze. Boring is an understatement.

  • undercover

    Yea, sitting around waiting for a loved one to die is a big bore...

    I hafta disagree...I thought the show was well-written with lots of symbolism. Okay, so no mobsters got whacked or busted. No one committed suicde. No strippers got beat to death (though they could have let the camera linger on the dancers at the "Bing" a little longer )

    But we did see that despite all of Tony and Carmela's problems, all of Tony's relationship issues with his kids, the family (leaving Junior out for the time being) came together. And that's what this show is all Not just the mafia family, but the real family as well.

  • Thegoodgirl

    How about Tony's son? (forgot his name.)

    This may be a stretch, but I think he's going to turn out with schizophrenia. Did you catch that Meadow says "It's all in your head that I was looking at your plate!" to her brother when he accuses her of suspecting him of faking his flu. Now he's flunked out of school, and is thinking of murdering Junior...

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