The hills have eyes

by Elsewhere 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Elsewhere
    Good luck understanding that -- I am almost sorry I asked her.

    lol... like totally thank you for like all the kind stuff and junk you did for like helping me!

  • stillAwitness

    I wanna see it. But I'll save the $5.50 and wait till it goes to the dollar movie. But you are so right about scary movies just being really good sound effects and a quick image of something

  • lucifer

    omg I saw it last night...nope I didn't get any sleep it was sooo gory but good! brenda, bobby and the dad and his baby survive...or do they...they end the movie as if someone(mutant freak) is still watching them, grrr I hate when they do that, the Ruby girl saves the baby and ends up dying protecting the baby and his dad...sad in a twisted way I suppose, but the end was pretty intense I recommend finsihing it!

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