The hills have eyes

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  • Elsewhere

    I went and saw this yesterday evening. I normally don't like horror movies... I usually find them to be stupid because the "scary" moments are always just moments when the movie makes a loud noise while flashing a quick distorted image.

    As I said before, I normally don't go see horror moves, but the previews for this one caught my attention so I thought I'd spend $5.50 on a matinee.

    The movie did start out like I suspected... the victims first started making some spectacularly stupid decisions and then the "scary" parts were nothing but sudden loud noises accompanied by a distorted image that was flashed for a fraction of a second... but then it changed!

    The mutated people left behind by the nuclear tests started doing some seriously fcked up sht!

    Unfortunately I did not get to see the end because I got a call to let me know it was time to go meet up with some friends.

    Anyone want to let me know what happened? I had to leave at the point when the geeky guy was being chased around the kitchen by an axe wielding mutant.

  • luna2

    Sorry, Elsewhere. I hate horror flicks and almost never go see them...actually, nothing looks interesting lately. LOL Hope you find out what happened.

  • anewme

    Sorry Elsewhere, I too abhor horror flicks. I have never seen a horror flick and never will.

    Thank God my antenna are working for that kind of bad crap (even if my guard was down for the Witnesses when they called on me!)



  • Purza

    I think my daughter saw this movie last night. When she gets home I will ask her.


  • freedomlover

    I don't think I can go to this looked way to creepy.

    I don't usually get freaked out but this one looked way over the line for me......

  • ferret

    I hate horror movies

  • luna2

    LMAO! We're a big help.

  • Elsewhere

    Maybe everyone is afraid the mutants are gonna get 'em tonight!

  • blondie

    This is a remake of an old Wes Craven film. I have read 3 reviews and all of them said "don't waste your time."


  • Purza


    I don't know if this will make ANY sense, but here is a teenager's rendition of the end of the movie: LMAO

    "After that he (geeky guy) like, uh, he went to get his baby and this other guy was about to kill the baby. But Ruby saved the baby and then the geeky guy killed that the other guy. But the guy really didn't die, so Ruby jumped off a cliff and killed the bad guy and herself. And then the geeky guy went back to find the brother and sister and then like, they were all standing there like hugging each other and they thought everything was okay, but the people in the hills could spy on you with binocluars and then the very last scene they were watching the brother, sister, geeky guy and baby like they were going to come and get them."

    Good luck understanding that -- I am almost sorry I asked her.


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