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    I have been "debating" with a staunch WTS defender who didn't know about the "Donation Arrangement" when (and WHY) it really went into effect. I have shown the Court Docs about the Swaggart & Friends lawsuit, but now she wants to see "proof" that this had any tie-in with the change in donations.

    Quite simply, I cannot FIND this letter online although I KNOW I have seen it! I've looked through Lady Lee's "Best Of" files and just can't seem to locate this one letter!

    Does anyone have a link to this or can tell me how to go about getting it?

    TIA and hugs,


    PS...I have fwd a few links to other "proofs" to her and she won't even open them because they "sound too apostate" for her pasted and scale-covered eyes to consider reading.........

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    Madame Quixote

    I wish I could give you an answer . . . just wondering, what's a BOE letter and what is the relationship between JWs and the Swaggarts? I've come across a couple refs to that lately, but no clear description. Sorry I have no answers. I'll check out the Swaggart/JW connection on google. thanx.

    PS I found this letter from the WBTS regarding receipt of "donations" for lit (after the Jimmy Swaggart court loss):


    There is an article accompanying it, but I'm not sure what you're looking for.

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    Madame Quixote

    Here's another letter, copied from the freeminds website. This is a letter from an elder in Jersey City, explaining how the WTS demanded payment from his cong, making it look like a donation.

    It makes my blood boil, thinking about all the money my family spends on this crap (3 generations worth):

    I thought I'd tell you of an experience some years ago when I served as an elder in Jersey City, New Jersey, during the first month of the change from selling books to the "Voluntary Donation" system. It seemed everyone one and their mothers decided that now was a good time to stock their libraries. Pioneers were now doubling up on their magazines for service. Witnesses who rarely bought anything, were now ordering, the New World Translation on Tapes [which, when price sold for over $100.00] everything and anything was being ordered. I was in charge of the literature counter. The invoices included in the orders were now dollarless. Three months later, the elders received a letter from the Society. It basically stated that they [the Society] noticed an enormous increase in literature orders. That the congregation had made purchases of some $3,000.00 and our donations were only somehere around $500.00. They told us we [the congregation] owed the Society $2,300.00. I'm thinking to myself..."hey wait a minute, isn't the literature "FREE" on voluntary donations?" Obviously not! The Society had it all planned out. In the envelope was another letter, addressed to the congregation. That letter basically told of the great work the Society was doing and how support was needed.

    In view of that I had announced that we [the congregation] were donating to the Society from the congregation fund $2,500.00 for the World Wide Work.

    Clever of them? The Society still got their money. I wonder how many congregations got that letter? Of course only the body of elders knew the truth for sure, the rest of the friends were left to believe we were so loving and generous by supporting the Society with such a big donation. Mind you no mention of the excess literature order was made.

    How can they sleep at nights? It was situations like these that opened my mind to the true nature of the Society. They are a publishing house...we are their salesmen...what was that the Judge said "Advertise, Advertise, Advertise..." Nothing has changed!

    In His Name!

    Rolando Rodriguez

    the address of the congregation:

    Jersey City West Congregation

    582 Bramhall Avenue

    Jersey City,NJ 07304"

    BTW, I figured out BOE means body of elders, I guess . . .?

    There are a few links to articles about the policy changes at the above-mentioned site; an article in the WT and some other lit, but no boe letter that I can see. Maybe Mr. Watters would know . . .

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    "Rolando Rodriguez" == "RR" -VM44

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    Thanks VM...Try this....

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    right-click on the two picture boxes from legolas, and choose "open in a new window".


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    LOL...Holy crap Annie I am sorry...I was doing research all day trying to get ready for when/IF the elders come here to invite us to the memorial so I am a little tired I guess..LOL

    Ok Here is where I found the letters


    You have to scroll down about quarter of the way till you see 'Tax and Contributions' so you know where I found them!


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    Thanks so much all of you, for your help. The article at Randy's site was the one I was looking for, but I am grateful for all your efforts!

    hugs to all....I'm off again to post this info somewhere else!


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