Anyone else have allergy problems flaring?

by MsMcDucket 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • MsMcDucket

    I didn't go into work tonight. My allergies are kicking my butt. I snort like a pig; blow my nose, frequently; have post nasal drip; sneeze like a hyenna; have gunk in my eyes; and sleep poorly. Anyone else, going through this hell! I've got Allegra, Benadryl Allergy Sinus, NeoSynephrine Nasal Spray, Saline Nasal Spray, and some other spray that my doctor gave me; and I'm still suffering.

    I feel like CRAP! Woe is me!

    Can you call my boss and get her to understand my pain!

    (I just had to get this off my chest or nose!)

    In the New System, I'm not going to have allergies!

  • ballistic

    I have some alergy problems Ms, though not flaring at this time of year here.

  • under74

    I'm with ya. It's been bad for me the last 2 months although I usually have allergy problems all year round. I've got a sinus infection right now. I was at work on Friday and kept sneezing, my eyes were swollen and watery, and my head hurt around the sinus cavities and then the right side of my nose swelled up. I looked like I got punched in the nose. My boss kept asking me if I had some medication and I said yes but if she didn't want me falling asleep on the job I wasn't going to take it. And of course she didn't want me to go home early so she stopped asking me about taking meds. It's gone down with nasal spray but I still feel all this pressure in my head and can't stop sneezing and can't sleep.

    It's sucks having allergy problems.

  • prophesariah

    I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope and pray you will get better soon. Allergies run in my family. Have you seen an allergists yet? They can test you to find the things you are specifically allergic to . Therefore the medications can be specifically applied.

    My allergist did say to start preparing your body ahead for the spring pollen by taking meds March 1st.You can also prepare for the fall around August 15th. My son has been on this regimen from last fall. At the height of the season he takes Allegra 180 ( the lower dosage was not doing it for him), Patanol (eye drops), and Nasonex (nose spray). After a few weeks he can make it on the Allegra 180 alone until now. He is back to the original plan because we are walking into the next pollen season - spring.

    His body tends to get used to the meds so that by the start of next fall this regimen will no longer be effective for him. He will probably start taking allergy shots again in the fall. (they stopped because we had to change our doctor due to a change over to another insurance plan)

    I also suffered when I was in my teens through early adulthood from pollen, dust, and animal dander. I was reactive to some foods, as well. The funny thing is they never bothered me when I was pregnant. Now that I am in my middle years as an adult , the pollen is affecting me but not as severely. I take prescription Claritan, Nasonex, and I may need something for my eyes occasionally.

    Overall, were are doing quite well. I was recently told that if you stop ingesting all forms of dairy products many allergies would be eliminated.

    I can no longer drink milk. I have tried soy milk which I like. And I will try rice milk. Lately, I have been using lactaid milk. It is not bad, however I am getting a rash on my hand that was not there before. My son refuses to stop drinking milk.

    Love/Peace/Blessings & Respect,


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Yup. Pollen is lying in drifts along the streets down here and clinging to the tires of vehicles and making them yellow with pollen dust. It's kickin' my butt, too, MsMcDuckett.

  • ellderwho

    I suffered for years. Two years ago I finally went to an allergist. Best thing is that after about six months I stopped taking all those antihistamines, which was impossible prior to the allergist.

    My 7yo goes as well, he suuffered as I did as a little boy. And hes doing great with the treatments.

  • Virgochik

    Mine will start very soon, when we get a warm snap and the trees start to bud. Claritin keeps mine manageable, so I'm lucky. Hope you're feeling better, MsMcDucket!

  • LDH

    ((((((((((Mrs. M)))))))))

    I live in Central California, a couple of miles from "Blossom Trail" LOL does this tell you anything?

    One thing I recommend is buying a SINUS WASH . Yes, the Indians (dots not feathers) have used "neti pots" for centuries.

    It's nothing more than irrigating your sinuses with sterile salt water. While the concept sounds simple, it's really great because you're washing the allergens out of your nose instead of taking drugs to deal with the allergies.

    You can buy them for a small price.

    Good luck.

  • LDH

    Mrs M, try this catalogue. I love it because it's a woman owned company that's into positivity.

  • juni


    Yes. The buds are opening on the trees and I'm the same as you. My son in law takes Zyrtec which is the only thing that works for him. It's a prescription drug. Don't know if you've tried that one. He tried all the ones you mentioned and it didn't help.

    Mine lasts through April.

    Take care!!


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