Your best friend just called to say their life is falling apart ... so you

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    That is so true. If you have any problems, they can and should be fixed with a Bible quote. Every once in a blue moon, however, there is an elder with enough humility and sensitivity to understand that it not that simple. Case in point: my best friend.

    My best friend was married to this overbearing, controlling, verbally and emotionaly abusive husband for 11 years. Her emotional state was such a wreck that she became physically ill. She went down to under 100 lbs. Everybody in the congregation who knew them could tell he was not a good husband- including the elders. Her doctor referred her to a therapist friend of his. She started seeing him and after a while drew up the courage to leave her husband, and of course the borg. Her husband, who was the lamest JW you'll ever find, but gave very generou$$ contributions to the cong, freaked out and called in the elders. Three of them came: the PO, the Service and another pencil pusher.

    Months later she ran into the elder who conducted the bible study she used to attend while she was in her lunch break. He also happened to be a neighbor of theirs. He asked her if he could sit down with her. She said yes but she thought "here we go...". To her surprise he told her that he was asked to go to the infamous visit but he refused. When the PO asked him why, he said he could not, in good conscience, go and try to convince a good decent woman, a friend, not to leave her abusive husband. If anything he would asked her "What took you so long?" The PO told him "You can't say that. That is not what the Bible says". His response was: "I know. That is why I'm not going with you. I think she is doing the right thing."

    That elder got removed from his position a couple of months later, although still a JW. Can you guess why he got removed?

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