What would put a "big smile" on JW's faces?

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  • JH

  • VM44

    Getting an advanced copy of the newest Watchtower book before its convention release. --VM44

  • unclebruce


  • poppers

    Seeing 6 billion corpses rotting in the sun, with birds pecking out the eyeballs. Pretty sick, huh?

  • serendipity

    Banning of religion here in the US, which might include the shutdown of the WTS. Then the end will come.

    What would put a big smile on ex JW's faces? The government shutdown of the WTS.

    See the hopes and dreams aren't so different.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Getting a SWEET deal on meeting clothes at the local thrift store or garage sale. Even better, a more wealthy witness passes on some clothing.

  • carla

    All their friends and family going to the reject Jesus memorial this year.

  • FlyingHighNow

    "Why look, honey, Jehovah provided. You needed a suit and we were out in service and saw three of 'em, just a hangin' there, in all their radiant glory, in the sunshine. And I know it was the angels' direction because we had to take a detour to go down that street we never go down. And we did all that prayin' for clothes yesterday. I'll bet they use this experience at the next assembly."

    PS: and they were the right size, color, style, well not the style, the lapels are five inches wide, but we won't even have to alter them. There was also a big ziploc bag full of ever' differn't kind of tie for $1.50.

  • TresHappy

    If the householder would say to a Pioneer sister - I'd like to have every one of the magazines in your Stoops Genuine Leather Service Bag plus all your inventory in the trunk of your car. I'd like to start my Bible study now and be baptized tomorrow. What time should I start running my bath water?

  • Honesty

    Being appointed as the next member of the GB.

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