Fastest Watchtower Study in History!

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  • unclebruce

    Hey Ballistic

    Yeah, bookstudies should be in a class of their own .. we had them in kitchens, lounge rooms, sheds, outside on the lawn, around the pool .. and afterrward it was everything from stay for nibbles to piss off or a full blown pool party (our place of course )

  • unclebruce

    LOL at Greendawn - the story above was not satire or satyr - but just as I posted it.

    Enfield and Prospect congregations were very real lol.

    Thirdson is a few years younger than me and was in the same congregation as Susan the love of my life. Funny who one meets on the internet eh?

    regards unc

  • ballistic

    My old congregation used a masonic hall very recently for a memorial because the usual kingdoom hall was being rebuilt.

  • unclebruce

    JWs were once much like masons, an old friend says that in the 20's/30's they even did the black and white ball thing to elect congregation servants (pst.. bet they don't let the dubs near their secret stuff lol)

  • ozziepost

    I've found it! It's on page 549 of the Guinness Book of Records under "Religious Meetings" and sub-heading 'Shortest service in history'.

  • greendawn

    So that was a real story, one can expect anything from the JWs.

    Any info on the mason/JW connection is very useful because it strengthens the theory that the dubs originated from the masons and that Russell was one himself.

  • unclebruce

    G'day greendawn,

    Yes 100% bankable untrade-marked truth (glad there are so many other mad aussies here now to back me up on the weird world of down under dubism).

    You know, I had to look up the word "satyr"in the dictionary. satyr: 1: Classical Mythology one of a class of woodland deities attendant on the God of wine Baccus, represented as part human and part goat and noted for riot and lasciviousness.

    wow just a typo eh? and I thought you were spinning me around with ancient myth and symbolic metaphor. Revelation lov'n unc

    At one time I was kicked from pillar to post on the net for claiming Russell was a Mason but it looks like the tide of opinion may be turning .. after all the man himself said he was one.

  • Thirdson

    Hi Lee,

    I'm sorry to hear of Alan's passing and your experience. I remember he was a lot more down to earth than many in the congregation. When he first moved to our congregation some of the "brothers" insisted on pronouncing his last name the French way, apparently influenced by a certain French undersea explorer. I seem to remember Alan and family kept to the Anglosized way. I'm glad you were there at the end.

    A little catching up: my son graduates high school this year. He has been accepted at one university and is still waiting to hear from others. He still hasn't decided on whether he will enlist in the Navy or Coast Guard instead and serve in the military first before college. Our daughter will be a year old in a few days time. My relationship with my parents has often been strained. However, they are making plans to come visit us and to see their 12th grandchild. My Dad's health hasn't been too good and this may be his last big trip. I hope they decide to visit later this year as the next chance for us to meet up will not be until the fall next year when we hope to visit England.

    Best regards to you and yours,

    S. (3rd)

    PS I had second thoughts about the Masonic hall bit and almost put a disclaimer about hoping not to fuel the Masons and Russelite connection debate.

  • unclebruce

    susan sends her best to you and yours thirdSon

    the whole ordeal has set the girl back somewhat.

    living a life apart, one forgets how mad jws really are.

    thanks unc.

  • barry

    Gday unclebruce,

    I am Just waiting for the day when you will post about youre experiances in New Guinea. They are great stories and sound just like the ones when I was a kid listening to SDA missionarys in that area.Barry

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