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  • Hawkeye

    Dear Brothers,

    I am writing to you with many concerns which I will outline.

    I was baptized on 17 March 1996. In that time I received much opposition from my family and husband. I felt so alone even though I was regular at meetings. I never felt much encouragement(or like I belonged). I felt like the lost sheep Jesus speaks of in Mathhew 18:12,13 only the shepherd didn't come looking for me!

    Recently, I've been visited by the elders over a "concern". This strikes me peculiar. I have not been to a meeting for three to four years! No elder has contacted me in all that time!

    In the past ten years I have experienced many things that would certainly make anyone question meeting attendance being "spiritually uplifting."

    ___ McDowell was e-mailing me letters telling me he wished "his wife was dead" so he could pursue me. He also admitted he would follow me around town in his car. I reported him and gave the letters he had sent to elder____ Tripp. Elder Tripp informed me that _____(offending brother) was "talked to." ___ (offending brother) did not receive any form of punishment, as he was still able to give answers at meetings, and could still represent the congregation in prayer! Imagine, if you can, how I felt being represented in prayer to Jehovah by someone so Immoral! As of this date, a sister, who didn't know about ___ (offending brother) told me he was behaving indecently toward HER! It seems the problem was swept under the rug, only for it to reoccur to another INNOCENT sister.

    During "meetings" I was informed by two sisters, at separate times that telephone witnessing wasn't "real witnessing." This was like a SLAP IN THE FACE! Because of my depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, telephone witnessing had become my only avenue to witness to others.

    A poineer sister approached me at a meeting. She looked at my magazines for field service and BRAGGED to me that she had placed all of those magazines "weeks ago."

    A sister recently approached me in a store and was telling me horrible, rotten lies about someone in our congregation. I know it to not be true, because she was speaking of my closest and dearest friend. It was nothing but slanderous gossip!

    Finally, one year ago, ______Tripp(ederette) visited my home while I was in the hospital. My then 12 year-old daughters were home alone. ______(offending elderette) Tripp stuck her foot in the door so my daughters could not close the door. My daughters were extremely frightened. I find this behavior inexcusable and very disturbing.

    I could tell you more instances like the ones mentioned, but I think I've made my point very clear.

    One has to wonder what our loving heavenly Father, Jehovah thinks? 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 speaks about what love is. Love is KIND, love does not BRAG, love does NOT BEHAVE INDECENTLY! Jesus said in John 13:34-35, "By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have LOVE AMONG YOURSELVES!"

    The people in the congregation are not fulfilling the description of love described in 1 Corinthians 13. The bible tells us at 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 that such people will NOT INHERIT GOD'S KINGDOM!

    After much prayer to my Father Jehovah, I am taking his advice at 1 Corinthians 5:11, "Quit mixing in company with anyone called a BROTHER that is a fornicator, or a greedy person, or an idolater, or a REVILER, not even eating with such a man."

    At this time, because of reasons mentioned above, and many more, I wish to disassociate with Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I wish only the best, and pray for those with honest hearts!

    Christian love,


  • IronClaw

    I can relate to the no sheperding calls. Same here. I am also in the process of writing a DA letter. Mines is the size of a small novel right now. I think I'll have to narrow it down to about 3 main issues that really bug me. Have fun with your new life now.

    The Claw

  • bennyk

    Bravo, Hawkeye.

    I predict a few moments of tension in the McD and Tripp households. And could this be the same kindly "Brother" Tripp of recent memory (Letter following Disfellowshipping: It sounds as though Marshfield, WI is one hotbed of "Apostasy".

  • inbyathread

    Should I send a post card to let them know where to find it here?

    I won't if it will cause problems beyond what is just.

  • bennyk


    Maybe you could send them a dvd of the recent DF'ing of Schne- (I think they're shy re: the INTERNET ) I get a warm feeling just thinking about it...

  • Hawkeye

    Yes it is the same "kindly brother Tripp!"

    Marshfield is losing people really fast right now. I'm proud to be among them!

    The sister that studied with me called today. Even though she read the letter, she STILL tried to guilt me into going back to meetings and recanting my DA letter to the elders! Then she tried to make ME feel bad because "I put her in a position to where she can't talk to me anymore" I told her, "Well I am a true christian and will say hi. I understand if you can't be polite."

    Very interesting stuff!


  • regaining-my-brain


    So sorry to hear about the treatment from your ex-friend. She must be torn up about losing you!!! I mean you've been missing from meetings for 3plus years. She's expended alot of energy on you. She called twice a month begging you to come back, right? She called and told you about the interesting talks, right? She encouraged you to get to know our LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER, right? She told you about our Mediator's loving concern about us, right?

    Sorry!!! Before you start pukin'... She actually only called 3 times a year right? To tell when the CO visits were and to invite you to come ignore Jesus officially. She's a typical org trained robot.

    Hopefully you have Bible trained Christian friends. Surround yourself with truly loving people. Continue growing in God and Jesus love. It's wonderful to actually have a relationship with God now isn't it. Reading the Bible now is quite fulfilling. It actually makes sense (somewhat). At least not a big case of the guilts anymore.

    Your family life is better right?

    Take care.

    Suz E Q

  • IP_SEC

    My hat of to you hawk

  • SickofLies

    Bravo, personally, I plan of DA'ing myself eventually to, but I have a plan! I have to wait until I start working full time this summer (right now I'm just a part time teacher at university while finishing my Ph.D) and then kick my roommate out. Hopefully by then I get my privilidiges back (which I lost for being charged as an 'apostate'). Then I can wait until I have a talk and get up on stage and tell everyone about 607 BCE and the UN and say f*** you all I quit

  • unique1

    Showed them up quite nicely.

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