Why wouldn't they reinstate them?

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    whether or not they have grounds for reinstatement, they will not be reinstated unless they apply for it. They then have to go though the process of meeting with the elders to prove they are repentant for running ahead of the organisation. It is not a matter of automatic reinstatement.

    Imagine how a person feels who was d/f in the 70's for having an organ transplant when they read in the 80's that organ transplants are acceptable. They would not be automatically reinstated. They would have to show the elders that look on the WTS as Gods Organisation.

    D/f is not for the sin but for the lack of repentance. If you do or believe something that later becomes correct that is irrelevant. You still need to repent for disobeying the WTS.

  • Mary
    In reality - has anyone been disfellowshipped for outspoken lack of belief in one ( & one only) doctrine? If this was so , I would guess that they would have excellent grounds for reinstatement if the doctrine was revised.

    Surely you jest. From what I understand, Mouthy was DF'd because she said she didn't believe Jesus returned invisibly in 1914. If they canned this stupid doctrine tomorrow, she would still not be reinstated. Why? Because she "ran ahead of the Organization". It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever that the Organization was wrong and she was right all along. Truth has no baring in "the Truth"-----only obedience to 'Mother' matters.

  • greendawn

    This is one of the rules in the JWs that got me thinking hard about them being way out of line and a bogus organisation. It is too ugly and totalitarian to have such rules, and it is nothing but a way to control the R&F and prevent them questioning and opposing the leadership.

    Where in the early church do we have its leaders behaving in this way?

    The reason why they would not reinstate anyone as described above is because it would encourage dissent and show the FDS as inferior to the one that got something right long before they did. However they know that many things are in error but it is not in their interests to admit it.

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